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Oh, Walter Payton. Yeah. Hey cancer. Oh, yeah. What am I thinking of not Walter Payton Bryan song, no cancer to who had aids? A lot of people John was the most famous NFL player to ever have eight. I don't think with Arthur Asha as had it right Johnson. Yeah. I don't think anybody footballs been out with Jackson. No know, but the no hates. You're just talking about my daughter's lunchbox. Why are we talking about aids? I don't know that looks like Pocahontas me, and that's again, very very racial. I mean, I'm from across the room that Folke hotter. It looks like she would you charity. I am now looks like one of my own. Okay. Well, she's not. She's she's an islander. What the hell is that is that a is that a pig, and that's Fred anyways? The lunchbox words. Great works. Great keeps my HAMAs fresh, and I need it. So I don't carry it around like a schoolboy. I just bring it in here. And I know you fellas are gonna rally about I thought we were all really mature. You didn't think we'd rag you? Paddington yesterday. Nobody saying like okra, clearly you guys think this is so normal that I'd bring in a Moana lunchbox could get away with the two days in a row. Things must be tough. You know, maybe there's something going on with whatever Seth usually uses to keep his food cold one days. No thing now that it's like clearly your lunchbox. Why should this surprise you? I have a chance poor backpack. I clearly think that I'm still in grade school, and I just think the mwana lunchbox sets it off. It's very colorful. It makes me feel happy. John had a wrestling lunchbox, which little miss bliss, everybody. Let him off the hook about that. There was no child involved in that scenario. It was a grown man with the with the lady load spots wrestling's for adults and kids. So the big story of the day two biggest stories actually one involves Burton Ernie which I love the other one involves Mario Kart. Now. Silly me I saw Mario Kart was trending on Twitter. Don't don't click on that. If you don't wanna be shocked, like don't think you're going to click on. Mario Kart hashtag on Twitter and think that it's going to have anything to do with rainbow. Oh road, doesn't it has to do with a much much more unsettling subject matter, which is the the commander in chief. I think it's all I personally, I think it's all just fabricated fake news. But when we come back, ladies, I'm going to rely on your memory of your past partners dogs, and we're gonna talk about the biggest story of the day. What Donald's might look like do current dongs work. Sure, man, you're currently with. Oh, yeah. Okay. For sure like please call and tell us what your current man's Dong looks like especially if it looks like a cartoon character video game character or an object that we're all familiar with seventy seven five seven nine hundred to five. My my looks like yours tale. We'll.

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