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The BMW Parkway. I'm Mark Williams on talkradio six eighty WCBS spring day we had yesterday. Now temperatures are warming up and we're slowly feeling a little more humidity as well. You have a slight chance of a shower this sporting, otherwise partly cloudy, seventy four this after overnight low to mid fifties. Tomorrow, even warmer sunny near eighty and we'll start to back down Wednesday, sunny, mild, seventy four on Wednesday. We help our customers. Protect what matters most for nearly fifty years. The important work of our scientists engineers IT experts has helped solve some of the nation's and the world's most complex problems. L DOS dot com slash answers. Terry spent from the Weather Channel for talkradio six eighty WCBS. Now, keeping you connected with the latest views. This is talk radio six PM and wcbMcom good morning lane deliver the WCBS Maryland news center with the news at six thirty one. Brought to you by allied remodeling of central Maryland right now, you can get a total roof replacement from allied remodeling for just thirty nine ninety nine. Call four ten four one three Ruth for the second time in two weeks over rally disturbance at the east point mall in Dundalk, resulting at least twenty arrest. This time carnival where about one thousand mostly young people made their way through the mall parking lot and into nearby neighborhoods. Baltimore County police investigating a man stabbed last night in the twenty nine hundred block of freeway. Inhale Thorpe is condition on known Maryland's highest court rejected the appeal of an MS thirteen gang member sentenced to eleven years in prison for.

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