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You know the most coveted profession for, a high school student they all say they wanna be YouTubers And that's awesome not everybody that is a. YouTubers. Making money doing. It or making a sizeable income from it but you, know I feel lucky in that what I started off as a. Hobby deal is. Very, enjoyable for me and. I would still be doing it even if I wasn't making. A living, from it right that's so, awesome, if you're just joining. Us for speaking of press Hilton he is a celebrity host of the Chippendale shell runs July twenty sixth through September second definitely check it out I love how outspoken you are, with some of these celebrities you know I'm not a very big Kim Kardashian Paris Hilton fan what, do you think about some of these morons coming to, Vegas and making, six seven figures showing, up in a nightclub and just standing there with a drink in their hand doing absolutely. Nothing living off of the celebrity, -ness of their fa celebrities is that even a word I don't think. It, just made up a word operas but you know living. Off of there I don't know a sex video or maybe because of one of their parents being. Famous does that anger you as much Is it angers me No I don't see a, problem at that whatsoever but I do observe that happening a lot less than it used to Vegas is all about the DJ now or if it's not about the DJ actually transition General music has biggest, right now, I would say, is is very hip hop peppy because music is very hip hop heavy maybe a year, or two years three years ago it was all about the. Dance DJ and they're. Still here, of course the big, names but the, the era of all of the reality TV stars being out. Here from Paris Hilton to the, hill cast and so on and so forth that era is over you know they're, still showing up but you know they're getting calm and maybe flown, out miss. That, the other and if they are getting paid, they're not getting paid what they used to get paid in like two thousand eight two thousand nine when places like pure worth.

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