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And rt and sky news and cnn and since earned announces the the use of nuclear weapon says that oddly enough he never includes or falls into his monologue or harang the brutal occupation of china by the japanese the brutal occupation of the philippines by the japanese the brutal occupation of thailand an injured china by the japanese pretty much the brutality the japanese empire i guess anyone who's not japanese so there's that and then moved to second away the robust mess but the japanese wade should get a defensive war was unparalleled in human experience the japanese fought war in a way far different from france's the germans the german in the closing stages so world war two fought until they're out of them all and if they were facing brett sore americans stayed raise their hands and they said all you got me i need a new of their facing russians they say the last bola made it the japanese just died in place and the pacific war was uniquely destructive not because of anything or or any piece of of racism on the part of the united states sorry tom hanks by thus that's not how it work but the the japanese way of waging war most total war and it was from the soldier on the island all the way back to the mother holding a child in her arms on the street tokyo it was hoarding war for the sake of the emperor period final and this time nineteen forty five the united states and to a lesser degree great britain australian cetera and we had set us find our curiosity in regards to whether or not the japanese rick if the ball i'm surrendering they were not full stop this is the key text of the use of a nuclear weapon because you'll see from ucla talks a down all to burke lead to harvard professor saying that part of the reason for dropping nuclear weapons on the japanese was to send a message to the russians they needed no such mesh message the russians had penetrator the manhattan project enough that they knew the capacity of the a bomb okay they did not require a demonstration what was required on august sixth nineteen forty five was aces station of hostilities because every week didn't get the japanese to surrender and we would have to innovate their home islands and make them surrender because as it turns out customarily that's how you end wars but if there is a way that you can do it with economy without losing hundreds of thousands of your own men shouldn't you explore that option well that's where they mom was the first one and the second one so more on this in the second because you're gonna me saying this all weekend long.

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