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Monday through friday at their mount clemens facility at three eighty north rose street big picture. There's also new legal. Resistance to governor gretchen whitmer. Three week paws. The michigan restaurant and lodging association has filed a suit in federal court seeking an emergency hall to the state health departments order that would keep indoor service shuttered through december eighth. The association and two companies are behind the action heirloom hospitality. Group think the higher end townhouse restaurant with locations in detroit in birmingham as well as prime and proper and then the owner of suburban ends h. I h we'll continue to follow this one as it's filed by a large industry lobbying group and in federal court a former vice president of the united auto workers seventy two year old. Joe ashton was sentenced to two and a half years in federal prison on tuesday. The sentences for taking a quarter million dollars in kickbacks from a union vendor it's the fifteenth conviction of auto industry leaders and what has been a wide ranging federal investigation into corruption the scheme involved. What's known in corporate circles as the trinkets and trash industry think the giveaways companies do have keychains hats. Usb drives and all of that stuff the auto industry has been in the sights of the fbi for years but experts think this action may be near the end of the work to former u. a. w. presidents have also been convicted of crimes as well as a number of fiat chrysler executives over time. It's been shown. Union funds were stolen. Union leaders received bribes and benefits from both contractors and auto company executives detroit. Headquartered stock is continuing to expand globally. The stock market of things is opening two new authentication centers in the economic hub cities of hongkong and toronto. The centers verify that goods are legit and authentic before being offered on their digital stock exchange. That gets according to the company. Twenty five million visitors a month. The company pushes self reported record. Two point five billion dollars in merchandise in june and has expanded beyond shoes and apparel to collectibles stock stocks founded in part by dan. Gilbert is widely seen as a rising star with evaluation from investors north of a billion dollars. There co founding. Ceo josh lubar left the company and it's widely expected that stock x will do an ipo of their own soon. Their new ceo said it's an objective of the company to firms are moving their detroit offices to a historic building on east grand river in downtown detroit. And yes before. I get emails. East grand river does in fact exist. It's a short street between woodward and the detroit athletic club the historic mid rises at two thirty east grand river which had a former life as loft apartments and sports bar before sitting empty. For a time it'll be occupied by accounting firm. You h. y. And commercial real estate firm signature.

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