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To police from a concerned father leads to arrest in the shooting of Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy and does AP's Tim McGuire reports. He may be linked to other crimes in the area. Thirty year old Utah man is in custody in the shooting of off-duty Los Angeles County, sheriff's deputy Joseph Solano, who was in line at fast food restaurant Monday evening. Nelson was arrested Tuesday morning after calling his father telling him, he killed someone in Los Angeles in this from KABC LA county sheriff's homicide, captain kit, Wagner, says homicide detectives are looking into reports that the suspect may have been involved in other crimes since arriving in the Southland sometime around the first week of June, Wagner, another investigators say, Solano shooting and the killing of a man in Los Angeles appeared to have been random. I'm Tim Maguire. An ordinance banning people from wearing pants below their waistline could soon be abolished in Shreveport, Louisiana laws been questioned since thirty one year old Anthony child died in February after an officer tried to stop him for wearing sagging pants. Police say the officer chased and shot child's three times. A coroner's report says child's was ultimately killed by a self inflicted gunshot wound three four times reports. The city council voted six to one on Tuesday to abolish the law, which police say resulted in the arrest of a total of six hundred ninety nine black men and twelve. White men, the ordinance itself said arrests and searches couldn't solely based on violating it with police saying, it's unclear if anyone was arrested for the violation alone. Radio. President Trump in an exclusive interview with ABC news. George Stephanopoulos says he would be willing to accept dirt on twenty twenty opponent. Even if it came from another country to favorites have information I.

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