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Rokon show with anna davlantes rainfall just came through the downtown area on michigan under the south side right now i don't cover cover pray for me guys you're at the rate look look out echoing even at the rate sounds like you're ride casting the game i'm the luckiest man alive that sounds like actually i don't know all right so let me just ask you this is interesting science science has has weighed in on a very very already known factor by women but now they're approving it can that there is such a thing as man flu man flew mandible and then the flu that a woman would get because you guys are affected more your babies correct i so that it raises electoral is comes to hot lower bar be like if you have certain symptoms that a woman wouldn't complain about well let me put to you this way how's the science offended let me he's gonna play this under protest right now he's not going to allow this conversation to continue gloria allred is going to have to represent you at it offended all right now he it here's the deal this is out of saint john's newfoundland so it's a canadian study so god help us men have long complained to mysterious food like ailment that doesn't seem to affect women being titled man flu it is so widely known that even the oxford and cambridge dictionaries have now added it flu mhm g skeptics have brushed off man flu as no more than your standard colder a barrage pretoria ailment of some sort and that men just tend to exaggerate so a research team went out to figure this out memorial university newfoundland surprising there are actually many studies already on this topic it turns out they even did studies on mice to see if mice male mice male mice complained more than more about being sick than then their female counterparts women don't know har we have it i know are the female mice they're like rolling their eyes next to him guess figure it out there little their little pink is just rolling do you want another sandwich you don't feel good another poison pallet that might help it's that bad just give it got real dark refasten judy storms out there turn hurricane throw again tomorrow she's crushing it up in the.

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