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To this has been scientifically proven that the eighties with the best decade in all of music interesting i agree with you drafting third will be antony johnston hello hello and just recall the old saying if you can remember the nineteen eighties you just want that no way something like that kelly gaumont will be drafting fourth hello hey steve lots will be drafting fifth by process of elimination steve random dot org gates you up yours random four for that also beep boop beep beep boop it's the eighties date it is and i will draft last because i am a gracious host so with that said we'll give you i will give you one other rule which is that this is in addition to these needing to be musical albums and not photo albums or comedy albums i will also say that album's already already picked last time in our album draft are off the board because they were already picked any previous draft and this also means yes in the nineties album draft that will surely follow someday albums from that we picked this time will not be eligible doubly because of course they aren't from the right decade anyway monte you are i with the first pick in the eighties music draft what do you have i'm going to start things off on super musical note with an album by the bad negative land allow i'm not sure the word band is the right word they're actually more kind of an audio collage performance art experiment in annoying the audience but i did see them in concert once which is something you say about bands so i think it's close enough they had to eighties albums that i listened to an awful lot escape from noise and a big ten eight place they also had a single they sampled u2 in casey kasem them and they got sued into oblivion with the albums and i'm going to go with escape from noise which is slightly more normal it's got several tracks and some of them are sort of musical unlike a big ten eight place half of which is mostly a description of driving from san francisco to contra costa county while bleeps in bloop s happen it's great though i love that album to the big single from escape from noise is a song called christianity is stupid which is mostly rearranged samples from a really weird movie called if footmen tire you what will horses do at that movie is christian propaganda and it's kind of rearranged into something that they call christianity is stupid spoke up and said given chris and there's a sort of a song called well it's about how many times owns they have in the soviet union the answer is eleven songs very clear about that says it a million times escape from noise was made by cutting and splicing physical tape and it must have taken them forever to make an i love it escape from noise nineteen eightyseven negatively i only know negative land from the u2 incident oh you should listen to a big ten eight place because you're going to recognize the landmarks as they drive over the bridge sure that sounds good choice i fun memories of negative land from back in the day so that's a good one that is you did you right they get if they got sued into oblivion for the youtube thing but they did definitely our label sold them out and the ban owed hundreds of thousands of dollars which it turns out being a performance our audio collage bad doesn't make you hundreds of thousands of dollars interesting they put out some stuff after that but they were not really able to continue in the same vein well that's what you get when you mess with casey kasem i think that's the lesson we learned or they learned parkway the hard way now back to the countdown james thompson what's your choice well i think we're going to have a continuing theme here of cutting and splicing physical types a lot of my picks are albums the i've listened to and they completely rewired to my teenage brain in some way and i think when i first had this album i vaguely knew who david byrne was from talking heads but i had no idea who brian eno us so i'm gonna go with my life in the bush of ghosts by the.

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