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I'm steve annexed time cardis garcia and we are here with a new shells indicators provided money on every show we take some number in the news and we dive into it to find the big idea of get it on npr one or wherever you get your podcasts this is on point i'm ray juarez we're looking this hour at homelessness in america and how each year us cities give thousands of homeless people oneway bus tickets out of town you can join the conversation does buzzing homeless people from one city to another sound like a solution or just passing the buck is it naive to think connecting a homeless person with a relative in a different city will get them off the streets you can follow us on twitter and find us on facebook at on point radio with me from san francisco's alastair g homelessness editor for the guardian he's now joined by his reporting partner julia carrie wong front also from the guardian they worked on an eighteen month long investigation looking at how american cities relocate their homeless as part of their outside in america series you can linked to it on our website on point radio dot org julia carrie wong welcome to the program thank you so much for having us is was there on our harm moment in this reporting project a moment where you thought you had a pretty good handle on what the story is you had been covering it for a while and then suddenly you see something here something or meet somebody and it kinda blows your mind.

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