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Are susceptible. To a lot of the stuff causing a lot of mud causing ash and debris flows into the ravines as well as boulders and mud slides that could tumble into the roads. Travel up. There could be very troublesome depending upon where you are. So think about that before you even venture up into that area. Even if you've been sure that the the fire has stopped. Where you need to go up in that area. If indeed you need to get in there for any reason. Now officials particularly have warned residents and travelers in the areas burned. Because of all of the activity. That's going to be going on up there. It's going to be a whole hodgepodge of weather factors rescue equipment factors rain, causing problems with the the travel. It's just going to be a mess. It's just going to be a mess. Specifically campfire area in the mountains above the feather river in Butte and plumas counties along the skyway highway seventy specifically the car fire in the running end areas west including the areas along highway two ninety nine also specifically the delta and the hurts fires along interstate five between Shasta city in reading and also specifically Mendocino complex fire in the hills northwest clear lake so the initial storm expected to hit the the foothills tomorrow afternoon now that should being moderate to heavy rain. According to the weather service forecast that's gonna he's into showers that could last right on through the weekend could be steady through the weekend with another set of storms expected next week. This is not going to be hit and miss. And by by it's going to be steady. The first storm is not. What I would call a gully washer, a frog strangler. It's it's going to be it's going to be standing strong, people are watching it closely. It remains to be seen how the soil is gonna react the soil is going to be the one thing that these people who know lot more about whether in climatology and all that stuff. We're going to be paying a lot more attention to than anything else the soil. Facials are going to be watching for the potential of debris flowing into the canyons and slides in the canyons, and what's going to be feeding the tributaries into the feather river, and what that's going to do that could also cause problems again for IWay seventy in the mountains. So the whole area there, be careful..