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Wolf C. H L A and a insist it's safe to bring kids in for vaccines. Jennifer Jones, Lee Ko Phi News and a winery in Burbank has been caught up in covert 19 regulation confusion when Burbank a lot of restaurants to expand on the same Fernando Road. It was hit for Urban Press Winery did it for two weekends in a row. It was The spectacular owner, Giovanni Di Andrea, says his business was getting close to pre pandemic revenues. And then he went to formalize this permit to serve alcohol. L, a county have shut down all the wine. He's tasting rooms, breweries and distilleries. It's a step stricter than state rules and now the street in front of urban press. It's empty. His bars up the block have tables teeming with customers. A wine bar is a lot to stay open, but not a winery tasting in bourbon, Chris and Carl. Okay, fine news for the latest on businesses open and closed across, okay. Got our website. And if I am 6 40 dot com Keyword open So Cal Weather from Ko Phi slightly warmer weekend forecast for you Eyes in the seventies along the coast eighties in the Metro areas, upper eighties and nineties in the valleys and desserts Right now 64 in Sherman Oaks, 60 Foreign Downey. It's also 64 in Braila. And in Irvine. We lead local from KF eyes, 24 hour news room. I'm Bill Seward. New questions Santo and on the north side of the pot, Just past Main Street. All lines are stopped The moment that's got you, Jim's back to 17th Street and South Lay still working on a problem north and south of the 1 10 in Florence crash in the left lane there has you slow starting in Manchester, and all lanes closed on the 1 10 both directions through Highland Park via Marisol to York Boulevard. Caltrans work till around seven o'clock in the morning, Take Monterey Road or Figueroa instead. And in Chino on the westbound side of 60 Reservoir of 57. Caltrans has two left lanes. Judge until 9 a.m. Hey, if I and the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Robert. Bucky. Major body Conway here. Do you have APPA phobia? Fear? Perhaps a body lays an app on you. And he's got the greatest thing in the world. And it always sucks this exactly the opposite..

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