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An enormous breakout. This upcoming all right. Ak's get some decisions to make. We have one argument for jay. Mckee the current tour featherweight champion the grand prix winner and scott coker is is the best fighter in the world regardless of weight class and on the other end the fellow ponytail ian yuri per hashaykeh the wild man the top. Not the guy who's in his next fight. It should be fighting for the light heavyweight title the backup fighter for the upcoming title fight between go over to share and yamba mehovic. It should be the other way around. Ak but i'm trying to build up some drama. We turn it over to you. My friend who got done is a jet michou. The reigning defending champion damon martin the challenger. Those are both outstanding answers. First of all congratulations to both of you. Those excellent i wanna clarify the question. So this is who will be the bigger breakout in the next like four months or saying that four months in a going into like twenty twenty two. Yeah like by the end by the end of this year. Heading into twenty twenty two. Who's like the next guy again. Case cases really strong i think demons was Was very scientific was very on point. I think missing that. He is going to be part of that. That woodley appall broadcast is so huge. is gonna introduce them again to sort of a whole new audience audience that i wish you know had could see him flight He's a fine fine job on the desk is is first time doing it. the shame that it's you know seeing his personality but i still wish they could find a way to pushes his his name more. But i mean yes. It's hard to argue against mckee because the guy is really capitalize on that reason. Performance and You know hopefully belt or help them out. So i think i think david made a good point there I like jets. Jed had me worried because he spent like the first thirty by forty seconds. Investors like what. He's not gonna do which is fine. I mean that's very jet thing to do and i respected And whole the right. Mike embarrassing okay. Well anyway all been so Yeah he there was a lot of preamble. There was a lot of talking about against sort. Aj mckee more almost helped damon and then and then he made some excellent points again about your hospital. And the sort sorta unique situation that he's in to potentially become this big star at two. Oh five which is again kind of one of the divisions are now and it's kind of in need of of that that named a popular name eccentric memorable memorable memorable fighting style so That was a good point by jet. Mark i really typical winner between these two. Yeah that's why you're here. I supposed to help me out. We're best friends. I know. I know this is my first time doing this. I thought i might have done it before. But now i don't know i don't think i've ever had to judge before casey bry you and remember. You were the little dots on the bottom judge. Jen someone else probably. Yeah definitely me. I don't remember who it was ago so long ago. I don't have particular affinity for either fighter. So the so they could kissing kissing either fighters asses was not going to influence. Which would have really helped. Actually i wish i felt one way or another but other guy mike. I think i think the win this week. Just because not. Because i agree with the point but because i do think it kind of made me look at it in a different way i have. I have to give the win to one. Mr jei-shou.

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