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Sports desk. Here's Brian Deane. The Milwaukee Brewers fell to the Astros tend to eight down in Houston last night. Christian yelich did hit his twenty fifth home run of the season in the law seem to teams back out again tonight. Our coverage on WTMJ starts at six thirty five. To fly ball, down the right field line. Drifting back is ready? And it's. Yes. Mardi gras doll, three run Homer and just like that it's ten eight up being cosmetic blessed by Granville, Bruce, losing ten eight. In Houston last night. Joining us live radio play by Cleveland. Jeff levering in Houston. Good morning, sir. How are you? I'm Greg, good morning, everybody. Well, they call them fastball. Ready for a reason Freddie Peralta through what about ninety percent? Fastballs. When he's on the mound, and West End it didn't work out so well for in. Previous study looked on the hit -able Caen stay in the rotation like this. Well, I think he can the brewers had so much confidence in him going into the season that, that he was in the starting rotation at the beginning of the season, didn't go out and try and signed starting pitcher like a wave mile era, Dallas hike or anything like that. They stuck with Freddie Peralta, and he shows flashes and Craig counsel talked about in the pre game show yesterday about how his highs are so high. But you kind of have to remember that he's only twenty three years old. He hasn't had full season in the big leagues yet there's going to be. Simpson growing pains with freight Peralta in the consistency is just not there yet. He had some good opportunities to get out yesterday. Just made a couple of bad pitches with two strikes, the for pretty Peralta. You know he didn't start throwing his curveball until spring training of last year either. So he hasn't really had secondary pitches entire career. He can still get onto this fastball. And it just wasn't working out for him last night in the two run homers. There were four of them last night, but Houston really hurt the brewers Jeff Craig was a little non-committal after last night's game about Freddie, even making his next start on this eight-game road trip who else might be in the mix. If Craig does decide to go a different direction. Yuli. She's seen is in line to come off the injured list in San Diego. So that's a possibility for sure. I also wouldn't be surprised as, as the brewers move towards the all star break your few weeks away from that there. This is a stretch where you only have one off day after this off day. That's coming up tomorrow before the bluish play against the giants. There's only one more off day until the all star break. So I, I also wouldn't be surprised to see Craig counsel. Go to six man rotation just to give these guys a little extra rest. You've got your seniors coming back. Gio Gonzalez is a little bit further behind, but that's another guy that's a possibility. So in the short term, I think she seemed might take his start if, if it's not gonna be Freddie parole. But if anything you might give an extra day arrest throw, she's seen back in the rotation and Freddie gets another opportunity once brewers get back on the stand. We're live with Jeff levering then the brewers radio network, Peru's three sixty end WTMJ producer, Nick, as the question why? No Braun at D H yesterday. It was claims. It was more left handed hitters Tonga. I asked to Craig counsel about that before the game yesterday to he wanted to get left handers in there against Brad peacock, because of his slider slide is really good against right handed hitters, and you saw that last night to we're all the left he's had good days against peacock, but the other guys struggle for right handed hitters. So that was the thinking behind be wanted to get Ben gamble in the lineup. Also, you get an extra day arrest. Ryan braun. So I know there's too often as this week, but Ryan Braun state healthy all season long, and now he's got a big test, Justin Burland, or he'll be in there today. So that was the thinking behind not having Bryant available yesterday. And starting lineup Jeff I wanted to ask you about Burland or it's always exciting to see a guy of his caliber ilk. Throw even if it's your team who excites you maybe currently in major league baseball outside of Orlando that you get excited going to the ballpark, saying, yeah, I get see that guy pitch today, max Scherzer is right there at the top of my list, he's competitive, you never know what you're going to get when you see max yours or any free, she out too, because he has his to his eyes are two different colors, too. So if you're hitter and you're looking at his eyes, I mean, that was scare me. First and foremost, honestly, through different color is blue and one is Brown. He has ever do that before, though. Oh, yeah. It's creepy. They've got a big sign in Washington DC, which has the two different colored eyes to a big billboard. When you strike somebody out the blue won a flash red really kinda creepy, but cheers her, here's a guy that, that every time he shows up any pitches. You think good things are going to happen for Landers in that same department. Stephen Strasburg to an extent Chris sale. I mean, those are just guys that are rattling off the top of my mind that I would want to come to the ballpark and see just because they're so electric, what might I Google. Search is going to be when I get off the show this morning. Mick going on right now. I'm in the moment. All right. Bruce radio announcer. Jeff levering joining us live on Bruce three sixty WTMJ will do it again. Next Wednesday, sir. Thank you. You gotta take care. 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