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Com. KTAR news. Sharper point, presented by Schwartz laser eye center. Government's partial shutdown. It may not have felt very shut down for most Americans. But starting this weekend. You may say shut down just got real holy shut down. It's payday today. But hundreds of thousands of federal government employees didn't get paid today. And if their job is considered essential. There's still expected to show up, you know, even though it's illegal for them to do. So some of those essential employees like the Transportation Security Administration. Folks, the people who check your luggage, and sometimes you when you get on a plane might call in sick or just not show up at all. And if people have a hard time flying home for business tramps or making it to a vacation destination. They've been counting on for a long time. They're going to be pretty ticked off ticked off enough that they might just say, yeah. To new US Senator Martha accelerates idea, I requested that my pay be withheld until the partial government shutdown is over and I co sponsored legislation to block members of congress from receiving a paycheck when a budget. And funding bills are not completed by the start of the fiscal year. She doesn't want to get a check today, by the way that amounts to about sixty six hundred dollars before taxes and she wants to avoid future government shutdowns by insisting that she and her colleagues not get paid including retroactive pay if they don't put together a budget and the proper appropriations bills by the start of the fiscal year. She's also introduced the pay our protectors act, which will allow federal law enforcement officers who are deemed essential to get paid during the shutdown. I don't believe members of congress should get paid while those who keep us safe like our border patrol agents and CV VP officers at our ports of entry continue to work tirelessly without pay not knowing how they'll Ford their rent and support their families is refusing her paycheck a stunt. Yeah. But that doesn't mean it's not the right thing to do. And I really like her idea to withhold future. Congressional pay. Maybe we can extend this idea to some other criteria. How about they have to produce a balanced budget in order to get paid that way? We don't go further to debt, which is already almost twenty trillion dollars or any time. They started acting like children crossing their arm stopping their feet and refusing to move until they get their way. We don't pay them. You think we can get a rider on the Senator mix alley Bill that would also put members of congress into timeout. KTAR news time is eight twelve..

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