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You and i did this seven overtime gang omission arkansas had fallen asleep he wakes up the next morning they had the replay any runs down stairs is has mom they're still playing a gosh i get things that i got to be next to close to the goal iq family and greney i didn't get to know your family as well but i love you guys and appreciate what you do i think you've had a bigger impact than maybe you can realize there's been a bill for you in talking to you over the years you went from me you know the the player and and and you know the rough tough football player in an error that was a rough tough era two that way as a coach as well and then you know to see you now you know when you help start than when you start to the program but georgia state to see you as a grandfather to so many grandkids and see how you act to now where where did did age truly bring the wisdom of two two kicked back and enjoy a little bit from were you were a player and when you were a coach uh that's a great question if i have anything to be very proud of it is a marriage to the greatest person i've ever known carolyn curry right behind that uh been exposed to great human beings some of them green just mention two have snapped the ball to bars star johnny unite us and so many other great quarterbacks just took a bit in the in the huddle with the greatest players of our air willie davis john malkey paul warning and all those guys had such an impact the coaches there is a lot of wisdom in the minds of those people and i've been exposed all of the doesn't mean that all of it took i wish it had i wish i could have played and coached the way those guys did but i'll was exposed to it added that is give them the different kind of perspective that i would have had as for calming down the answer to your question is yes with seven grandchildren there's no time to be a tight we get to go to their events were going to a state playoff game in virginia for our grandson elliott who's playing tonight in lynchburg virginia and it's very deal.

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