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The democrats to accept help from the ukrainian government in this campaign no would approve of darkness darkest except help from the ukrainian government of i think if you look at the political article and we're talking about just a a single article here if you accept all the facts in the article for scale of what the russians did is not comparable to anything in that article if it were the comparable analogy would be the ukrainian president directive ukrainian intelligence agencies to steal the hack donald trump's campaign steel emails publish them director the social media army to influence the election and sat down is represented sat down with chelsea clinton and john podesta in which they indicated they wanted the dirt on donald trump there's no suggestion anything of that magnitude of the scale assit firm acknowledged that that this is problematic as the crimean meetings problematic and your oil it would be problematic to get any kind of support from a foreign government but again i think to compare the two is a bit like comparing a bank robbery with the writing a check with insufficient funds both appropriate money from the bank improperly but a very different degree of serious nisa involvement in this case by a foreign government that is all political spin is that will not as whole elaborate well know the differences foreign government wanting they impact our election pay dnc staffer meeting ukrainian ambassador at the embassy the cranium ends art disseminating false information and doing research for the republicans i mean for the democrats and the dnc paid operative is passing it on to the clintons and the clinton campaign and the the dnc so it's far worse everything that he made up we we dole no it's everything schiff said is assuming that the dnc hack happened by the russians the emails happened by the russians we ever proven that yet i'm thinking there might be some disgruntled bernie people out there that might have been responsible but we'll see over time won't we let's wait and see.

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