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On Piedmont road attorney will Arnold argued Forty-six year old security guard August day, I have a hat who chased down and shot tower liquor store thief symptoms the first of all saved his own life. He didn't know what the guy had in his hand. We've got attacked him should get the same consideration as a policeman would after a shooting how many officers shoot individuals sometimes justify sometimes not, but they're at home during the investigative process. The thief was shot in the elbow and gave up the alcohol then went to the movies. That's where Atlanta police found him after employees spotted the bleeding alerted cops. The Fulton County courthouse for waters WSB for site county. Man, arrested this week for allegedly plotting to blow up the White House at previous run ins with the law. Coming residents complained in twenty fourteen about harsher tab speeding through the neighborhood. And he allegedly ran over a neighbor's leg with his car was later arrested for smoking marijuana at subway and criminal trespass. He began pretrial diversion program after graduating from Forsyth central high in eighteen year old and Phoenix is charged with attempting to carry out a lone wolf terror attack when he used a knife during an encounter with the deputy Maricopa County. Sheriff Paul Penzone is unacceptable. It's a threat to our safety as a community as well as our nation. Ismael Ahmed allegedly told a dispatcher that he was working for ISIS. A woman says Rb star R Kelly pressured her and a moving into his Johns creek home performing sex acts tell him. No, you don't want to do it. But he's going to pretty much make you seem like this is the right thing to do intimidate. You is much as chain Asante McGee tells channel two action news she was finally able to get away Kelly's accused of sex abuse. In both Atlanta in Chicago after previously being acquitted of child porn WSB news time, six forty one free. Take the partial shutdown any movement at all to get his settled here. Coming up here in Atlanta's morning news, first, weather and traffic as.

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