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Precision AC tune up for only $69. Michael and son. We've got your traffic and weather in the 8s. Let's start with Joe Conway in the WTO traffic center. In Maryland, I 95 southbound between route 32 and about two 16 a vehicle fire. We don't see the fire itself. We see the smoke around the trees. They're slowing down to take a look as more units respond, but watch for the response, getting there once they get there, they may take away a couple of lanes, but I don't know what side of the roadway it's on. As I say, it's around the bend in the behind some trees where we see the smoke. Traffic is slowing down to take a look. Elsewhere in marital dealing with mostly highway weekend volume on the belt with your print shortage Montgomery counties same deal on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, district likewise, you'll find the same to be true on D.C. two 95, I to 95 and three 95 south toward Virginia. In Virginia, ended up at the beltway, the ramp to 95 south, the crash has been cleared, lanes available delays easing, 95 south slows from Norton toward woodbridge, the crash near the aqua Quan can find to the left shoulder that the lanes available farther south will slow and stretches from Dale City toward the stall near Quantico on the right shoulder. Three 95 northbound the ramp to route one is blocked for the road race. We've also heard they've completely shut down route one ten south leaving I 66 toward Wilson boulevard in army navy drive. On your way toward army navy drive because of the race, you'll also find closures along Washington boulevard and along streets throughout, Pentagon city, including along army navy drive, the race just now getting underway. If you're driving elsewhere in Virginia 66 westbound between the bellway and not least read the earlier crash has been cleared a reminder that on metro rails we said the red line station at tenley town is reopened following the earlier escalator outage. I'm Joe calma WTO traffic. Thank you so much, Joe. We are looking at rain in this area tonight and there's a coastal flood advisory in effect until noon, Sunday, tomorrow, in D.C.. Let's get more of your

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