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It was a headline making moment that September of two thousand six when uric and ex-fugitive was escorted off the plane and Callous Bell Montana. I remember looking at the wire late in the afternoon one day. I'm like what what did it was. Just unbelievable the fake name the Career as a successful software developer. It was the furthest furthest thing from what I had imagined. As Ambrose wasn't a broken man and the Mexican wasn't a broken man Mexican Ambrosi with marched through the airport and into the custody of an eagerly awaiting sheriff. Jim Dupont I just actually wanted physically see see what he looked like a thing about all these years. I've been thinking about them a lot. You could tell. He was intelligent my opinion as associate bath. But I don't I don't know if he's got any any feelings or not but they certainly didn't pick up any from. He believes the sociopath. You Ain't no. There's good sociopaths and bad so she passed modern believe he's got feelings. How do you lose your mom? I'm your Dad Your family your friends and your loved one at the bottom of the lake. I don't get it. I guess I'll never will. It was pretty obvious the sheriff sheriff didn't exactly whole jargon high regard but there was a legal question now. The charge would be negligent homicide. Put Eric in Montana State Prison for ten years in Montana negligent homicide. You do something really stupid. That could cause the death of a person and sure enough somebody. Somebody dies negligent homicide. We did something stupid. This is not my idea. This was not just me and that's not negligent homicide. That's two kids in love. Stupid is what it comes down to. Europe pleaded not guilty dug in his heels. Here's his defense attorney. We Check Watson. The word homicide was extremely problematic for yard. I mean he he he takes responsibility built for the fact that that he screwed up landing the airplane and he takes responsibility for the fact that he shouldn't have left. But I guarantee you that he hasn't gotten over her death to this day. Do you see this as a Romeo and Juliet Story. There's an element of that. In the case these are two young people who thought they were star-crossed and decided to take their future into their own hands exactly said the sheriff and prosecutor it was so determined it was homicide but it wasn't anything like that and he clammed up. Let the lawyers do the talking waited for the consequences now. Sitting here with US years later level is finally ready to give his account in public for the first time of where they're crazy idea came came from and what happened when it all went wrong year goes. Yeah we just too crazy kids and love. And there's there's some barriers. I guess in a relationship that we saw that that's going to be difficult to overcome wind up watching this movie called Tarzan. Da Ban and also apocalypse now. So we came up with this crazy plan to open in Libya jungle survival. Survive off the land. That's it has nuts. He God did not. Where did you plan to end up? South America has without a hitch down. There hitchhike taking buses. Yeah back ACTON. Borders were not a strict and so where would you pass the Canadian. US border by that time. So it's just a matter. US Mexico border. In onwards the idea of ditching a plane came to taking flying lessons. They land on water and get out before. The plane sank sank. The take the bags in the dinghy. Get in a row to shore a plane sinks and and nobody knows any better but as they were getting ready to go that summer of eighty two there was a hitch. Diane got pregnant happened so we ended up She went to a doctor and then boarded the baby. It was a few days before. Actually we took off so ask that we actually went to the theater tonight before and I said how how you feeling stuff finishes them one hundred ten percent. Good to go so on Sunday August. Twenty Second Nineteen eighty-two went to the Vancouver Airport rented that Cessna Snow One fifty and full of excitement flu Easter penticton where they hung around all afternoon and then fooled people a bit when they flew north before before turning around to head South East in Montana. How did you prepare for landing on the lake? The two of you cough. We ended up switching on a close to swim. Close redistribute everything to two bags three hours later. They were flying on fumes as they descended the Senate and the near dark toward the shimmering surface of little bitter Root Lake at. You're coming in for landing. It must've been pretty nervous. Sure nobody he practices to landing on water on a fixed aircraft. He slowed to stall speed. He took off his seat belt. Figured his grip on the controls would hold them in place. Diane kept her seat belt fastened lap belt and shoulder harness. Then when this wheels hit that that the water was like hitting a cement wall and suddenly you're at some cold water cold water and I remember tasting blood and so it was blowing my nose blood in your mouth. I'll tell you the pitch black as worse even the water some spinning around trying to Orient Myself once I stabilize a cumulus surface. I yelled out. You Know Dan where are you okay and from there she she said Yeah. I just can't get my seat belt off left. Probably didn't save quite so calmly. No she was actually. It was fairly calm. I believe desperately. He said he tried to get to her unaware that when the plane hit the water as shown in his animation it slipped so he ended up behind the airplane and when he struggled through the water to what he thought was the passenger door. We're Diane was. He was actually on the wrong side across the plane from where Diane was hanging upside down trapped in her lap seat belt but time I got to the door in God to try to open it and when it did open and the water started rushing into plane was almost completely broken windshield and the side door windows. I'm lane lean coffee and a water halfway on the wing with my arm trying to open the door open and try to reach into get Diane and then all of a sudden the plane just submerges Bluewater. That's how it ended. The plane did not float. It sank in mere seconds. Dan couldn't get out of her seatbelt. He said and he couldn't help her. Because there simply wasn't time fifteen twenty seconds the plane was went down. He is last glimpse. Diane was not that haunting image of her hair in the airplanes door. No one knows how that happened. No the last he saw Diane and you said the site he cannot stop. See his diane trapped in her seat belt upside down and sinking and calling out for him to save her. What was that like horrifying? It was watching good down there with her. It was twenty seconds before were the two most happiest people pull in the world and and my laugh was torn to pieces. That moment. You know we never never ever anticipated something like this. What did you do right ten? When that plane went down hoping somehow she would be able to get that seat built up some women around just to see if I can official pop up somewhere that she? She put off Chemo but she did not know he said the only thing that floated up was that one Duffel bag the one continues continues close and the twenty two hundred dollars saved for the trip. A fact pointed to by many law officers as suspicious they would save and why did he only get his clothes and the money and let her clothes go sinking down to the bottom of the lake. Just random look officers officers will say there's no accident in life. Things are either on purpose or they don't have you know people always speculate but it was just a random the by chance speculate. That's what people did all right that a man who truly love term might have tried harder might have sacrificed afterwards. This became a problem for some of the people who are looking into the incident because numbers of them. Say God that was me. I would have done anything. I would have drowned if I had I would get into. That plane. Would've got her out of there. I would have saved her somehow even if I died in the process you do. That is do that when you eh couch with a cup of coffee but not so easy when you're fifteen twenty seconds and the plane is thinking in front of you can open the door when you in the door. Two planes almost completely underwater and I don't visualize them picture what this was and how quickly does happen but to go over. Then he said was overwhelming numbing shock my limbs were starting at Phnom could barely do the paddling to in order to stay afloat so I ended up. We'll take that one back peddling docu style and got it's a short and spent the next few days and and shock in shock. He ran he said head around the country for weeks New York City and finally to Dallas. We're turning himself in. Seem like very that idea. Does that sound like Romeo and Juliet or something else. Altogether coming up justice delayed or justice denied. This is one of those kind of cases where really you're the only person on the planet who knows the truth when dateline continues.

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