Bush, Rhode, FBI discussed on Real Time with Bill Maher


Was underway i didn't do anything about it he said i talk to and i believe what if after nine olympic bush should said you know i talked to ben laden i believe him i'm surprised he didn't he he he knew wasn't true he didn't care it's i mean people still say is a new still say why did they do this because he's a liar you're he's a rhode is information from this same playfield we didn't have risen from fox news listened to the fbi he said last week reserves agreed the intelligence report right now he we started last week and no one even reason to him and then with puppets an accident this indictment is thirty pages he's not with 37 pages lights coca and earlier in the week by the way before the senate intel committee all of our head in tell people were there oh it was a who's who the director of national intelligence dan coats cia director mike pompeo fbi director christopher ray the nsa dude admiral mike rogers all of them agreed when dan coats said frankly the united states is under attack is under attack these are the words that andrew card whispered in bushes ear member and will host all these people in the little gold while he was yeah at almost all he only seven minutes not to ear disappointment almost all these people up trump appointees oh absolutely you know this is not like the left wing presenting a point of view to trump which he has to distrust it's his own people sure man the republicans congress can declare war that could say this is a cyber war they don't need the president to do that what happened to the word peace appeasement by the way.

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