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Rather when you're on the stage panel in front of a live. Tv Costas Right. Yeah exactly. It's like spiking Manton as opposed to just like speaking to your audience yet lost lost that connection. I think I want to talk about caring Africa before we get into AL rapid fire questions. I'm very intrigued by the rapid fire. Yes I've been very intrigued. By the fictive altruism movement particularly people like We'll mccaskill but the famous one is paid a singer that everyone always references. I know that you got into this charity work. I don't re- well. You started your own charity twenty. But before that you'd worked in South Africa Kenya Kenya again Malawi. And I think it was two dozen twelve where you really hone you. Focus on supporting secondary students to go to school. I remember when you were raising money for. That was a soupy engine campaign. I remember reading saying the by Saad later actually found that old article. I I know it's one of the things that your partner Jim now really lax about your personality loves about your personality that passion to help people and I think that was being before officially about you visiting South Africa Africa as a kid. And we spoke about the fact that that civic-mindedness comes from your mom why specifically helping people in Healthcare and education and why specifically these two countries. It's pretty random. People often ask me. Why Malawi and the honest answer to? That is As I said August wanted to get away from Melvin for walls a young twenty year old sort of DC. I should be disenchanted with With University at the time I was in a bit of concern just needed. I'll just wanted to skype do something meaningful so. I thought you know. I've always wanted to go to Africa. I'll never necessarily thought you know determined melodic volunteer and like make a difference but then naturally always been someone locks engaging with people and that extends to Moi interest in travelling of both when I was traveling after what I don't WanNa discounts if our in the normal normal bullshit in actually going experience a little bit of one. It's locked to ban African rural community. So the no better way to do that than explore some NGOs. That are out there and do some volunteering. So I'm always wanted to. Some wildlife related style falls a big Fan of law long king. When I was a kid saw chase for a few weeks that opportunity guy into long king Africa found an opportunity to do that with Co Wall Loft Quest Kenya And that was wildlife research on the Kenyan Tanzanian boulder in a tackle Rumba for two weeks oil. The chilly out just like a open. Plying Conservancy Kilimanjaro is right there like every morning and it's like a giraffe made his life and you can say this is the choice aspect of March sold out and then I thought next stock ought to do a couple of countries then on all kinds of decisions I really wanted to just You know like five six weeks in one country and really do it. Well you know and understand it and throw a bit of a connection with it and it was completely random on law and I think I had an opportunity in size and beer. And then there's another one in Maui and I remember one not just stop after dinner garden talking to to Mamat St Louis and back in those days. And I said to our money records Zambia. Malawi families early genies and she said all fed really cool things about me. Maybe give that one guy. I said got up allowing completely off the cop and when I got there yeah I mean it was. It had such a distinct difference from.

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