Manuel Noriega, George Herbert Walker Bush, Panama discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1572 - Timothy Snyder: On Tyranny: Lessons from the Twentieth Century


Do you know manuel noriega is yet i do i know the name but i don't know specifically as his he he ran panama panama notable george w george h bush who you know back in the day piled around with noriega we don't know exactly what they did although noriega claimed at the time that he had george herbert walker bush by the testicles i don't know if you use that word he may have said wave votes and uh he we invaded panama and was at eighty seven or eighty eight you know here uh i believe it must have been after eighty eight because it was a bush are yes and to get him out to basically where him out as he was barricaded in the panamanian version i guess of the white house uh military forces played guns in roses van halen at and um well yeah i think it was a panama actually they kept playing and my friend larry little heavy of that and say a few the amazing thing about that is that just sounds like a like a normal to for tuesday and worcester radio that's just throw it's like obnoxious jocks the middle i mean i i the idea that you would like i can't stand this this rock and roll music is just seems like apartment living but nevertheless noriega came out went to jail and died today or i guess may be over the weekend at eighty three and he was basically the the narko banker for everybody the cia pablo escobar like that was his function yeah i mean i i didn't really dig into it but it's not quite clear to me why we didn't hear more about uh herbert walker bush uh but uh after that in terms of his relationship to noriega i feel like my little bit a tunnel vision on his historical thanks.

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