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Whole new type of bold in a Honda SUV. So your local Honda dealer. 8 40 now, residents in east palestin, Ohio, still have a lot of concerns about their health after that train derailment sent toxic chemicals into the air, water and ground. Headaches, sore throats, and more. It's what east Palestinian Ohio residents have been complaining about ever since they were allowed back home following that hazardous material train derailment. EPA administrator Michael Regan says the rail company will be held accountable. Norfolk Southern will clear up all contamination in Seoul and water and safely transport that contamination to the appropriate locations to ensure that residents are not impacted further. But officials have been saying for a week now, the water is safe to drink. Governor Mike dewine says he took a sip, water testing is continuing. One of the things that we did today at our two home visits was to drink some of the water. Matt piper, CBS News. The Ohio Department of Health and the columbiana county health department opened up a special clinic today for locals who have more medical questions. The land continues to shake in parts of turkey and Syria after a significant 6.4 quake yesterday. In fact, that region's experience thousands of aftershocks ever since an earlier 7.8 quake knocked down towns and killed about 45,000 people two weeks ago. This latest earthquake brought down more buildings, leaving survivors traumatized. Officials had warned victims of the earlier quakes not to go back to their homes to retrieve what was left, but some who did were caught up in the new quake. The road moved like waves this man says, we made it through the last one, but this was worse. And a second, 5.8 quake followed, along with dozens of aftershocks. As cruise pulled another body from a collapsed building. The torment of these tragedies has become overwhelming for many survivors. Tina Krause, CBS News. The war in Afghanistan was the longest conflict in American history from 2001 to 2021. Signature theater explores the consequences in the thrilling play selling Kabul. I don't know that I've ever read a play that reads so much like a suspense thriller. You're on the edge of your seat the whole time. Alice does a reef plays the sister of an Afghan translator hiding from the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan waiting for a Visa to come to America in 2013. It's certain 2013, but it's incredibly apropos. This could be set now. There's still so many people who are eligible for the SIV Visa, but there's like an 18,000 person backlog. The role is special for Zarif in Afghan native born in Kabul. I was so excited to see that this place being done and the DMV area because this is actually the second highest Afghan Diaspora in the country. Jason finally WTO be news. Coming up on WTO hot start for the Maryland women's basketball team in a top ten matchup in college park. Sports is next with the caps taking on Detroit as well. Stay close to WTO. I'm

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