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The provisions of the nuclear deal here's Garrett Tenney the White House is not backing down after Ron broke the terms of the nuclear deal and says the US plans to keep up its maximum pressure campaign president trump was asked about reports that the I AEA the international atomic agency confirmed that Iran exceeded the deals limits on the amount of in reached uranium that they can store the president told Tucker Carlson he received a lot of praise last month for calling off a military strike on Iran after the regime shot down a U. S. drone and that he is now in a better position to respond to any aggression from Iran if necessary and in terms of Iran's important to remember that they have been trying to pressure European nations they want to keep Iran in the nuclear deal and keep it alive a former track code which is going to prison here's Beth Myers it's fifteen years in federal prison for a former private track coach in Texas who pleaded guilty to driving one of his female athletes to Tulsa purportedly to meet with college coaches but instead he raped the girl at the Tulsa hotel tells the U. S. attorney Trent shores says other victims have come forward claiming they were also assaulted by fifty six year old Kerry Sloan of Harker heights Texas going back to nineteen ninety Sloane was sentenced yesterday in Tulsa federal court shores says Sloan exploited that special coach athlete relationship for his own sexual gratification broken Errol police evacuated a quick trip store yesterday because of a woman in a bathroom with a gun officer James **** says the woman obviously was distressed our crisis negotiation team was on site and was trying to talk with the individual at which time a shot was fired he says the woman shot herself and died at the scene she lived nearby a worried relative had called police earlier asking officers to check on her welfare should the OSP eyes offering a five thousand dollar reward for information that could help solve the mystery of the Choctaw county man who went missing forty two years ago twenty four year old Ronnie Davis was last seen at his horse corral near swing on August twenty fourth nineteen seventy seven the SP I believe he was the victim of foul play his nineteen seventy five Ford pickup truck also disappeared Davis work at warehouse and was a part time calf Roper who competed in rodeos he left behind all his.

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