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Broadcasting from the campus of kansas state university. This is agriculture today. And welcome back eric. Atkinson with you on now to today's agricultural news headlines news courtesy and part of the usda just released last friday a new report on kansas farm real estate value a measurement of value of all land and buildings on farms in this state and those values increase from last year according to the usda's national agricultural statistics service farm real estate value. Here in twenty twenty one. Averaging twenty one hundred dollars per acre. That was up two hundred dollars per acre or eleven percent higher than last year breaking it down cropland value increasing fourteen percent from last year to twenty three hundred seventy dollars breaker dry land land value as averaging twenty two hundred fifty dollars per acre. That's two hundred eighty dollars higher than last year irrigated cropland value averaging thirty seven hundred dollars per acre four hundred thirty dollars above a year ago and pasture land is at fifteen hundred dollars acre one hundred thirty dollars higher than last year also the. Usda reported cash rents paid two landlords. Here in two thousand twenty one for cropland those increased from last year irrigated crop ground renting for one thirty nine dollars per acre. That's ten dollars above last year. Dry land cropland rant at fifty eight dollars per acre two dollars higher than a year ago and pasture renting for cash. Averaging twenty dollars per acre. That's a half dollar above last year county level averages of twenty twenty one cash rents paid to landlords will be released on august the twenty seventh by the usda and just a note the kansas county level cropland lease rates compiled by k. States greg guy bundle are found at manager dot info for comparison purposes. If you're interested. Us agricultural products are doing very well in world markets and doing better than some had expected according to this report from the usda's gary crawford it's monthly ag trade update. Usda tracks export sales of about thirty egg products and in the new update covering the first nine months of this fiscal year. Not one thing in the nine month period year to date is down from the previous year that. Usda trade up data. Economists bart kennedy says ad up to sales numbers october. Through june. you get a total of one hundred and thirty four point six billion dollars. Twenty eight percent from twenty twenty. Usda been forecasting. We'll hit one hundred sixty four billion dollars by the time. The fiscal year ends september. Thirty embarked kenner says. Obviously we should be on track to meet that forecast to do that. Will need to average nine point. Eight billion dollars a month for the rest of the fiscal year. Gary crawford for the us department of agriculture. John deere and it's new two hundred fifty million dollar technology. Acquisition bear flag robotics said on friday that its autonomous. Driving technologies already deployed on machines in california will initially be offered as a retrofit product for existing tractors. That's according to dan. Leap freed the director of automation in autonomy with john. Deere nears history with bear. Flag goes back to two thousand nineteen when the california start up began to work with deer through its novel. Startup collaborator program. That program works with innovative technology providers whose work may add value for their customers. Autonomous operations will help producers solve the problem of labor shortages according to the co founder and ceo of bear flag. Robotics aubrey donnellan. The challenges of automation are large. Not just moving a machine from point to point automating job means that engineers must understand every motion to complete test according to donnellan also as importantly understanding the failures that can occur in those environments bear. Flex technology is leveraging. What's called dr radar and cameras sensors as well as the computer resources. Network that enable tractors to work autonomously lie our or light detection and ranging is a remote sensing method that measures distances objects on the earth's surface terrestrial life. Dr systems are installed on moving vehicles or tripods to collect data points and the most prominent piece of technology hardware would be across member metal structure. That would be fitted to the roof of deere tractor. What might a possible return of la nina conditions later. This year mean for drought-plagued parts of the us. Here's a glance at that from the usda's rod bain. Extensive drought is expected to continue for now it. Parts of the nation that according to usda urologists. Brad drippy the decor drought areas of the far west the northern rockies in northern high plains the short term outlook does not look particularly good with more hot dry weather expected for the rest of the summer and into the early autumn with some short term drought respite for places like the upper midwest and desert southwest however late autumn and winter and the possibility of ne-near conditions returning for the cold season could determine if drought continues in some locations for the southern half of the west from california to the four quarter states. A return of nina could mean a return of more significant drought conditions while for the northern half of the country. Typically not always we tend to see colder wetter conditions during the late autumn and winter during line across the northern united states broadband reporting for the us department of agriculture in washington dc and glancing at the k. State agricultural events calendar the university's. Kansas river valley experiment field will be hosting its fall field day. That's coming up very soon tomorrow evening. As a matter of fact. August the tenth. Five o'clock sharp at the rossville field. Which is one mile east of rossville along u s highway twenty four topics to be discussed. They're comparing soil. Health measurements on a long-term tillage study research updates involving strategies to manage weed control in soybeans managing soybeans to increase yields and quality likewise as. Well as a look at operation weed eradication there will be the catered barbecue meals sponsored and the sanni county extension office is taking reservations to get that meal count. Seven eight five two three two zero zero six to call them right away. Seven eight five. Two three two zero zero six two k. States two thousand twenty one fall field dave at its kansas river valley experiment field. Just outside of rothfield tomorrow afternoon evening at five o'clock sharp and a quick reminder that kansas state university and the kansas livestock association have planned three field days to help you calcat producers enhance your ranch management strategies. Those field days are set for next week. August the seventeenth near santa august the nineteenth and sterling and the following week august twenty four at s ridge excellent educational sessions for calcat producers economics management practices cattle health industry. Updates will all be covered. They're all the information on the specific field day sites and how to get there can be found at k. Sub beef dot org and you can click on the event date under the upcoming events there at k s you beef dot org will be telling you more about those as those field days get closer. You're listening to agriculture.

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