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We're political panic is the norm. And we are on a path facing the end of civilization. I figured by twenty fifty I'll be cold anyway. All the time. So this will help me. Over another. Late across my. Oh boy. Talking about okay if you're looking at global temperatures warming by three degrees L by that time, five point four degrees Fahrenheit. You know, on the world wide scale catastrophic shifts to the weather, agriculture, even you know, people living in some areas is what they're saying. Okay. So when you see another piece like this, where are you at on climate change say, on a scale from one to ten as far as worry goes, is it all fraud. Is there some truth is at total truth? What are your thoughts, David? Well, I think there is something to it. I think that alarmists like this don't help though. Because according to some predictions, Miami was supposed to be underwater, like what three years ago. Right. Something like that. That was the prediction. And so doing this doomsday stuff only helps to discredit the people who are, who are trying to quote unquote, save the world. You know, there are ways to address this stuff without one tanking every Konami on earth. There are ways to do this also without trying to scare the hell out of everybody because more often than not they've been proven wrong. That's the thing when when it comes.

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