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The same with an isolated too scattered shower or thunderstorm. On which TV storm track eight Stephanie made for 93 W II Be sunny and 81 downtown. I'm Kirk darling on the level on the going on Twitter at 93 W. Y B. C and w Y v C Live from the Heartland and the crossroads of America. It's Tony Cats today. So where are we with Turner Virus testing. It's a question that I actually got answers. I had a chance to speak with Admiral Brescialat. He runs Corona virus testing. He is been there. The doctor by trade, It was a conversation. I got to have them yesterday about the subject, but some of the hot spots, including where I live in Indianapolis, That's a hot spot. But is it still A conversation about bars and shutting down bars. Why? Why always the bar? You're he'll hear me and push back on. I want to share that with you directly from the horse's mouth. Tony Cats, Tony Cats today. 833 got Tony 8334688669 But first I got to share this and I want you to know that I haven't even heard. The entire audio yet I'm going blind here. This was a tweet. From Marcin Ostrovsky. I don't know. Arson. Ostrovsky Blue check on Twitter. What does that matter? International human.

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