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Adults and free for kids under age of 15 They really want a crowd for two networks carrying this opening game of the ten week season Back to you I mean it's not much to do in Birmingham I guess I mean go see some ball Go see some ball Got the drone cameras We've got mic'd up Players and coaches at halftime I love that Love that I would love to see that change in the NFL you know Can we get some mic'd up footage In the halftime What is by the way what's the craziest halftime exchange you can remember in your days in the NFL Oh I can't say that only radio Really Yeah the craziest oh no way The statute of limitations is not passed No we can't I know we're on SiriusXM but we're on regular stations and some of the markets That's right So you know you almost walked me into a trap right there You don't have to name names No I just the type of verbiage in everything that goes with what goes in what goes on at halftime Good It's gracious Is this Jason Garrett calling the games He's Jason Garrett is part of the broadcast crew On Fox Yeah well it's a Fox NBC sports type hybrid deal Which is weird So he's on the NBC side Yeah Seems like they used a lot of white powder in makeup That's the observation right there He didn't want to come out and coach one of these teams in the USFL I guess not right Yeah Isn't that kind of strange She went from Dallas Cowboys head coach to commentators Yeah he went from like you know what 6 7 million a year to what would be 32,000 a gas card and free chipotle burritos for a year Birmingham steakhouse Gift card All you can drink at the Birmingham Birmingham steakhouse Yeah Which are whistle Yeah there's a bra keyword as part of the coverage So they have I was look at that this were some of the commentators caught my attention I believe that Cameron Jordan unless there's another Cameron Jordan I don't know about cam Jordan of the saints He's gonna be part of the broadcasting crew That's good I mean he's still playing so he's just trying to get his chops ready That's right He could do a very good job I could see him being good at these uniforms though They really look like the northern program They exactly look like that When they came out of the locker room I was like oh this is the program The women and kids right They do They look like the cocaine was coming out of it as quarterback What was the name of that team in the movie What was their name Don you don't even know what the program is do you It has your idea They give you at the game Yeah what is Michelle Pfeiffer in the program No no No some of these commentators So NBC on the NBC side it's Jack collinsworth Paul burmeister You're also going to have Jason Garrett Michael Robinson and Cameron Jordan As analysts on the Fox side Kurt menafee Joel klatt Kevin coogler they'll be doing play by play You also have Mark Sanchez and brought keyword So there you go It's on both networks right now It's the hybrid All right well look I hope what's in the network push Mike Pereira up here Little Mike Mike's great guy I hope it lasts I know the XFL is coming next year as well I really think they should have combined forces That makes zero sense to me Yeah Yeah I'm going to do that Right I mean it's not enough talent high level talent to have two minor league professional football teams I'm in league excuse me leagues No I think combining forces would have been It would have been great Yeah The Rock who owns the XFL now and you know they had a personality behind it and you know I don't know We'll see how it goes I hope this is good football though I'm excited for these young men who they'll be able to get an opportunity to play some football get some eyes on them maybe continue that dream or get into the NFL or getting back to the NFL Right Oh absolutely If they do this like they did the world league it'll survive Because teams were allocating their players That's right to designated teams in the world league There was a relationship You got to have that If you can adopt that all the late round draft picks are undrafted free agents who didn't play a lot Or on practice squad they got allocated to the world league And it would be like the NBA right Yes You're explaining is like the jelly It's just like the G league Instead of hey we're just going to start up our own league and you know make a go of it Yeah Everybody it's a money grab So everybody's trying to cash in but you're not going to cash in on anything if you don't keep it working You got to stay profitable The only way to keep forward to live is the NFL gets behind it That's it Not the network's the NFL Right By the way it was the ESU Timberwolves Yes That's what it was Yes you Yep Yes you Timberwolves That is a great trivia answer right there Yes you Timberwolves Wow I wouldn't have known that That Kane was number 13 Kane baby What was Omar Epps What was his character He had a great character He was running back Absolutely You ain't done but another gang bang over speed I gotta watch that again just for the nostalgia of it There was some good stuff in the program Who was the psychotic defensive guy that's headbutting windows Yes Yes That guy was great Omar Omar Epps was Darnell Jefferson Darna Jefferson.

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