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Right that makes sense i mean i guess i would need to know like what does having a college degree actually have to do with being agent. You know what i mean like. 'cause i mean clearly they are trying to like. They are trying to keep somebody out there trying like when you whenever you do something like that. It's like standardized testing like obviously they're. They're trying to keep somebody out right and i would like to know like would net when they when they were coming up with like who who was in mind. Maybe rich paul was in my but yeah like you say. It's clearly really was somebody else that whoever comes up next and i don't know man i just the thing is is that you'd never think that the n._c._a._a. Doesn't have some sort alterior motive when they do something right is like an first of all like wheat necessitated this change like what made it 'cause. I know he said the players need rondo whatever but it was some sort of a problem before that we unaware what what they were trying to do something that makes it better for the players right because they like to do these little little anything. They look like they care but i don't understand it from the n._c._w. Problem as the point that he thinks that they're just inflating the value of a college degree right like that's that's kind of the point of i'm doing it is that you know it was like you know their their businesses. The college degrees currency and so therefore they need to say that you guys. You've got to have a college degree. You can be a coach and not have a college degree or you got well. You got to get it yeah right here. People don't know that these cats like i used to play in the league table correspondent her all of a sudden yeah right. Where did you graduate. I think it was sitting low n._c. State zone sidney lowe graduate of saint paul's college. I was gonna say with southern new hampshire figuring out quick like man that gets you in some school and you go ahead and knock out that degree that's but that's but i think that this is much more just say dishes 'gate-keeping. It's not even about one person. Pardon is not even really gonna affect anything right. That's just 'gate-keeping right. That's what i'm saying like. I don't like the pool of players for whom this is. Gonna apply like it doesn't even it doesn't even make a lot the sense that you just kinda feel like the kids that are going to do that. They don't need an agent <hes> to be honest like i i haven't seen and like generally teams will make allowances for you so if if you're really somebody that they're gonna wind up. They'll work around you. Make the work out for you. You can have somebody in your family to represent you or whatever i'm just not. I'm not sold on the idea that you even really hire an agent. If that step in the game i mean i see where can make it better but also can see where it's just sort of like a superfluous person added to the system yeah like it's it's also convoluted. I think it's just the ultimate moral of the story but i just love the idea that they just kind of like because the thing with agents that said this on here before not everybody can be an agent right but anybody can be an age. Oh yeah oh yeah absolutely absolutely what would you no actually not that. We're talking about it. You know what else i noticed in that. Is that any of the agents that are certified by the n._c._w. They have to help them with investigation says and i think that's probably is as important as anything else with it because often those agents do what you meant and you know how you get in the game so like back i just kind of feel like for the people whom this applies like it's just not even going to be a thing because the thing is they can't get players. The two players leave right and it's like whatever but they can the i'd have interrupted interactions with the agents rare four. Maybe you can get agent to start. Snitch it right now. I just kind of like. I don't think y'all understand how this is actually gonna go..

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