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He. He gets to go to organization that is looking to win a championship right now. The Cleveland Cavaliers and not looking to win a championship. They're trying to rebuild and they're wanna move in a different direction. So at this point time severing ways is probably best for both parties. But he did get a raw deal because now he can't show how versatile he is as a coach. And he can these young guys always the way you go. In is the way you're gonna come out. So is interesting to way he was brought in David Blatt. And and it was like Tyler right? And how he was inserted. Do you think that it may aerob- some people upstairs the wrong way because it was like, oh, he's Dr coach, but he's our coach couple LeBron and they've tried to give him a little runway and it was a six game runway. But should he have been departed when LeBron lift I don't think so I think he should be given a chance to show how Burstow coach is However David was brought in and the way exit. I don't think it was a reflection of anything but him because of Thai lose ability to relate to the players. I think what LeBron James. Is their relationship their partnership, which was special, and I think coaches now that have to to coach these young stars who are making a lot of money to create partnerships to gain respect from these players because the money makes relationship a little bit different. You don't have as much control over the player as you used to. So now create a relationship in a partnership for those guys was perfect because you got a chance to view to voice your opinion of what we're going to do with the team and to put it against the branch brain trust of coaches and see how they worked together. And that's what it does. Exactly. What happened? I remember when we were in the finals and example, do being a leader you come into half-time being down in game seven seven points, and he blacks Bron, James. And I thought as a player that was the wrong thing to do because this guy's playing the whole half. He's probably gonna play the whole game. He's given everything as almost a triple double at halftime. And it was it was the the great thing to do at the right time because he barked on the Brahm Brahm almost storms out. And then he gives more he told him. He. Needed more from him, and he gave them more and he had the right relationship for the grids plant. I want them back with locking Wiley time for some big stories Tony Gonzales, Greg Jennings, bat, let's start in the NFL where the trade deadline is today. We've already seen a couple of big trades involving wide receivers I the AFC south leading Texans traded a fourth round pick to Denver for Damaris Thomas while the eagles just gave Carson Winston other weapons in a third round pick to Detroit for golden Tate. I happen to like the Damari Thomas move the best. I love giving. Shawn Watson another receiving weapon. They lost willfuller player. Player him with the Andre Hopkins. And I like what the Texas doing not a bad move for the eagles getting gold and tape, but I think Mary Thomas has more upset which this is a true number one. When things are stable when he's properly motivated guy led five straight one thousand yard seasons clue three over fourteen hundred yards plus antennas down. So the thing that I love about it is he's going to get with the Andre Hopkins who didn't have stability at the quarterback position who didn't have the proper office align gave his quarterback time who didn't always have a run game and still put up numbers. So when you're around guy like that Diab is gonna look at to mirror say brought on what's been going on which rollercoaster career, but it needs to stabilize and you need to ball out. We'll Fuller's gone you're gonna come here. No excuses opera, deuce regardless is your turn and get back to greatness. I for me. I like the Philadelphia move. I like golden teeth the reason why when I look at this Philadelphia Eagles team, they just extend it. An attitude not only their running game. But obviously they're passing game. Godin and tape is a running back plan. Why receiver he's a big heavy yards? After the catch guy. You put the ball in his hands quickly or down the field. He's a he's a playmaker. That can make the ball that can make plays off screens extensions of the running game. You get the ball out of Carson Wentz hand quick fast slot guy that they trust more than even Nelson. Aguilar any ads that's the -bility..

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