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Got to wrong and I'm like will that came in so I I'm I'm gonna I'm like you I'm going to bed it's good to go I couldn't believe it could be fifteen had one of those I think it was a fifteen team super tease or whatever and that was the only game you lost was laws do or either that or you lost it on the moneyline or something he part I'd like this to Rome on there is it like a raster team I knew I was in trouble and I woke up in the highlights says. UCLA makes a great comeback I'm like come back are you kidding me right they come with them thirty two and I got it. that is that I mean that that is the cool thing to wear like yogi said baseball eighteen over towards right there it you know or if you see a fork in the road take it out as a gay and all those real quickly just update if anything three nothing used to now bottom nine three two angels top nine so the eighties if they lose this game again a half game lead they'll have a game in the loss column on both Cleveland and Tampa Bay but only a half game one Tampa and a full game on Cleveland with four games to play for Tampa five games to play for Cleveland and the Oakland ETS man it is getting excited that second wildcard is definitely added to Major League Baseball still one one cardinals top eleven with Arizona five five bottom nine Colorado at San Francisco and five three Dodgers top nine now at San Diego if you lay the run and a half with ritual you guess what it out for another inning there in a Dodger padre game but rob Richie he is of course farmers insurance rob seven oh two three three five fifty seven forty four if you have somebody that speaks Spanish or doesn't understand great English bilingual there that's a great thing seven days a week and if you know you need to just leave a message there on the voice mail rob will chat right he'll have his staff check rates compare rates for.

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