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Minutes about US news radio eight forty WHAS hi folks with the updated forecast I'm W. okay why chief meteorologist Jay Cardoso import more beautiful weather in progress on this Thursday afternoon we'll see a mix of sun and high clouds as temperatures in the low sixties for tonight we're expecting partly cloudy skies it will turn breezy late those temperatures will settle back to near forty not much of a climb tomorrow mainly cloudy skies and breezy colder day mid forties but nice weekend weather is expected to return that's your forecast on WLKY chief meteorologist Jay card see it's sixty at newsradio eight forty W. H. A. S. our top story a coronavirus emergency spending bill is headed to president trump's desk after final passage by the Senate on this vote the yeas are ninety six the nays are one the sixty vote threshold having been achieved the bill is passed Kentucky Republican rand Paul cast the only no vote he said the spending bill should be offset by cuts to foreign aid the roughly eight billion dollar package is aimed at helping states and the federal government respond to the growing coronavirus threat that includes money to help speed development of a coronavirus vaccine as cases of the virus increase in the U. S. secretary of state Mike Pompeii today saying there are now more travel restrictions in place Ontario says the U. S. is working with Italy and South Korea two countries hit hard by covert nineteen on additional screenings for passengers coming to the United States state department is implemented aggressive travel restrictions updated travel advisories and work with the private sector to ensure U. S. citizens and travelers are informed and safe enter Denver ABC news Washington Tennessee has confirmed its first case of coronavirus while we are saddened to learn that this virus has now reached Tennessee our recent preparedness efforts that the governor just mentioned have positioned us to respond swiftly and thoroughly state health commissioner Dr Lisa appears he says the patient is an adult male living in Williamson County south of Nashville who recently traveled out of the state but not out of the country the patient is isolated at home there have been no confirmed coronavirus cases reported in Kentucky governor Andy Beshear and state health officials are having a news conference at this hour to give an update senator Elizabeth Warren dropping out of the presidential race telling reporters outside her home in Cambridge Massachusetts I have no regrets at all get it this is in honor of a lifetime warranty so she's had the opportunity to talk on a national stage about a wealth tax universal child care canceling student debt and raising social security payments she said she won't be endorsing anyone else today legislation to fund the university of Louisville takeover of Jewish hospital get scrutinized in a Senate committee will Clark reports house speaker David Osborne and university level present nearly Bendapudi made their case for legislation that would aid in the takeover of the facility from Kentucky one health Senate president Robert Stivers vers asked Bendapudi how critical the funding is what would it mean to the teaching institution of the university of Louisville made school if this is not done and this consortium that came together collapsed it would be devastating and that is not an overstatement Sir Republican senator Stephen Meredith of Litchfield had an issue with the plan asking why the downtown local hospital was worth saving any more than a struggling rule hospital it cleared the Senate Education Committee and now moves to the full Senate for consideration will Clark news radio eight forty WHAS the Kentucky Derby festival has something for every music fan at the waterfront jam the festival announced its lineup today with more than two dozen local and regional bands taking the stage from April twenty third through may first local artist white reaper and the crashers along with country musician Michael ray the rumors and Foghat headline the lineup and the question I said Katy Perry is going to be a mom the pop star revealed that she is expecting her first child with fiancee Orlando bloom in her music video for her new song never worn flight in an Instagram live Perry said her due date is sometime this summer for more news listen to the daily died each day on the I heart radio app your next news update is at three thirty I'm Suzanne Duval.

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