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Miller and Caroline had to have a lot to get a thing to be back at daybreak Europe this morning the market so she and she alone now in your mouth yeah we've had some well a lot of losses out from banks today bank earnings that disappointed the market and then of course you have rolled edge you had rolled out shell cutting its dividend for the first time since World War two so in a store at moment there that brought down shell shares as much as seven percent of course they're very heavily weighted on the foot see as a result you see the footy down four tenths of one percent the dax is down one tenth of one percent the character on currently up about two tenths of one percent but for the most part European equity indexes are in the red quick look at rates right now U. S. treasuries are yielding zero spot six one zero nine percent bonds are yielding negative fifty one basis points and guilds are yielding twenty seven and a half in terms of oil we see the commodity gaining Brent crude is up seven and a half percent to twenty four dollars and twenty six cents a barrel NYMEX WTI is up fourteen percent to seventeen dollars and nine cents a barrel and not a lot of movement in currencies you can buy a hundred six point six six yen for your dollar euro cost a dollar eight seventy four and a pound is going for one twenty four sixty one gold costs one thousand seven hundred sixteen dollars and forty six cents a Troy ounce so that's a look at the markets and this morning because head of the ECB decision later on today owns one of our top stories though getting out is ready to go without experimental coronavirus treatment around the civic the CEO Daniel o'day says that more than fifty thousand courses treatments of the drug all packed and ready to be shipped all getting at these is the go ahead now for emergency use in the U. S. but infectious disease chief Ansley found she says the trial of the drug met its own rule targets joining us now is three bags and we hope that he's been following this story that has a sort of pumped up the mall kids a little bit but how close is giving as treatments at actually getting the all important approval from the FDA yeah that's a really good question and before we go on I just want to bring your touching Gillian this morning is up three percent in premarket trading it was soaring yesterday as part of reason why we saw you know the S. and P. five hundred really get boosted it's a good question about the FDA because The New York Times said that emerge the authorization was planned for as soon as yesterday so that's going to be a crucial question today well the FDA go ahead approve it normally this would take months to do but during the outbreak we've seen the FDA shown some more willingness to clear these medical products for emergency use with far less data than usual there's a lot of hype around this Kelly a drug even Dr Fauci said that with the U. S. trial with from disappear it met its overall target but we should note this is not a cure or this is not a vaccine this can shorten the recovery time for some patients that's what the study shows us that I think it's also important to note that this study we know the details from a press release none of the details have yet to be published in the scientific journal so a lot of the status to highly preliminary mmhm what we know about operation warp speed and Marie I think I know why you like saying that name that because on TV you are explaining to me that I comes from Star Trek which I've never seen an operation warp speed S. sorry to say that match but it's the truth I'm not sure he's made this is coming out of the ministration it's a brilliant scuba by Jennifer Jacobs and Joe Armstrong fantastic reporting about what is going on what they're doing is the trump administration's uniting private pharmaceutical companies government agencies and the military to try to cut the development time for vaccine so they want to go as soon as eight months people close the matter saying okay they want to have three hundred million vaccines available for January that time frame is very ambitious Dr Fauci repeatedly saying we're not going to see a vaccine for twelve to eighteen months at best and then if you look at recently the a bowl of vaccine that was given the approval by U. S. regulators in December that vaccine trial clinical trials started two thousand fourteen five year effort the people in this industry consider remarkable speed yeah so it's very ambitious but this is what they're doing obviously this is race for the vaccine we're seeing it all over the world with other groups as well yeah B. but it was even more devastating wasn't it said that the the push the house was with even greater if that's possible yeah yeah and a turn it certainly was one quick thing on the other pushes we're seeing where you're sitting in London is the Oxford university there's a lot of promising candidates that's been written up about that team what they're doing and then of course in the United States there's also bill and Melinda gates foundation shifting a lot of money and research into this virus sourcing it really all over the world I want to point out so be there the reason it's called warp speed in Star Trek is because they they they had an engine that made them go so fast they could warp time and the other interesting thing about this story is that it's being compared to the Manhattan Project yeah which was a lot of people don't don't remember it was a great movie and and in the eighties but at what what really was was a secret project to develop a nuclear bomb at the end of World War two in order to bring an end to the conflict strikes me as a very old comparison because although it is seen as oversee a success because it achieved its goal eats it was a you know projects to kill because the kind of the opposite of what we're talking about think about how many lives it saves well on the flip side brought an end to the war yes the positive side yeah yeah I think I imagine the the it's because it's the names and people are comparing it into this like well this was a scoop you know this isn't this is according to people close to the matter it seems like it's one it's all hands on deck kind of private side projects which is very much so was the Manhattan Project but I definitely understand what you're saying what you're saying that it's quite different in terms of what exactly these two products are looking to achieve none none the less the point is these two things let some optimism to investors which is why we saw equities rallying the overnight in Asia and then this morning here however now as we were talking about earlier in the in the markets bulletin we're seeing equities down because of concerns about bank losses because of concerns about dividend cutting so in these very very volatile markets these kind of students can move things quickly and then they and then quickly disappear Emory ordered thanks so much for joining us Ameri coming to us out of our New York office is get overly and Gerrans now with the world national news.

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