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As a bindle staff well how he's he's just taking cuts run a cues from the front runners you know Joe Biden's old I was raised a poor black child this is as you know if it's working for them I should start buying I don't think it's working for mo isn't weld there ahead of him working is about a Tom sire he was at home my mom was worn it was worn in many apple is everybody in Minneapolis early in a in a in a hobo camp in a poor house where does mean board in Minnesota make you poor I didn't know this I guess I'm just not not that familiar with the at the upper Midwest yeah and she won she was a school teacher in in New York like a say river and I was born in the Bronx than she does it tell you her family moved to west Chester County which was about two years old she went to Boston University where the tuition is about seventy grand a year but I'm from the Bronx I'm like J. lo I'm the girl from the black eight four four five hundred forty two forty two grace has the day off today so we'll just be going back will take a lot of calls here I I'm I'm hopeful that they're gonna wrap this thing up so that when we come back on Monday not only will the Super Bowl be over but this this fiasco we'll be over how we Kerr they call it the trench manned.

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