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Paul finebaum show. We're probably game for we go back phones. I five to four to seven to eight five. I have the Phil Steele college football preview and for people who don't know at AM every team in here and it's got this. This preview has more information in it than any person could want about anything. I don't understand how he's able to write that. There's so much in there. I think he just honestly, he just takes the same book as last year and nobody would know the difference. 'cause nobody's reading him, but Nevertheless I buy. It and it helps me when I'm doing things such as this. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to just randomly fit flip and stop on a page and it's going to be a program and your job is going to be the tell me whatever, you know about this football program we are going to play. What do you know about this team? Andrew, you can play Danka jump in or we'll have caller caller. Play to. All right. So here we go. What do you know about this team. I landed on hold on. Hold on before you say, we, we literally have the perfect caller for this on the line. So I'm going to put Jimmy on Jimmy. You're on, but don't talk about this team. Well, who's a helper. Fuck. Right. Well, hang on Jimmy. Are you breaking up a little bit, but we'll I'm a let you go after drew. Okay, Jimmy. Did we lose him. Podins stalking to. All right. Well, I thought he was on the phone with, nevertheless. What are we going to? What do you know about the same? I just stopped and here's what I came on the middle, Tennessee State blue raiders. Oh, very good team. This year they play at Kentucky. Okay, that's true. They do play Kentucky. What else do you know about the middle Tennessee State blue writers. They're located in Murfreesboro Tennessee. They are gay covered the spreading his lane kiffin last year because I'll watch the game. You knew they covered the great year last year. Let me ask you a question. Can you name any player currently on the team. No. Okay. Can you name any player that has ever played for middle Tennessee State football? I mean, yeah. Can there's just so many. I don't know where to start. Can you name one quarterback, Matt Wilson, three years ago. Dan. Can you name any player that's ever played at middle Tennessee State? No, I can't either can't either. All right. So would you like I'm gonna use Phil Steele. I'm gonna give you some middle, Tennessee State facts, please. The coach's name is Rick stock still. Okay. And his son is the quarterback Brent stock still, so he didn't pull the brand name him, Rick stock still junior. He didn't want put that pressure. So Brit stock still is the quarterback this year. And guess what? What he is the all time leading passer in middle Tennessee State history already with another year to go with another year to go and is ranked by Phil Steele as the. Forty. Seventh best prospect for the NFL draft quarterback. That's still a long way to do. We think there's any chance dad is just calling plays to get his son in the record books. I think that's probably right. They vandy we'll, you know, you have heard of the greatest middle Tennessee State football player of all time. All right. Who is Kelly Holcomb? Oh, Kelly, Holcomb played there. He was with the Browns for a long he was saying was with the Browns Rafter Tim couch, I believe that's correct. Current Tennessee titan Kevin buyer also blade in Middleton most Kevin buyer. All right. So now it's Jimmy still on the phone. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy d, you know, any middle Tennessee State facts. Well, works stock still. I done a great job there. I know that you know solidified the program and that sort of thing is I think his his son has moved. I don't know if he's back for senior year or not, but he was at least three years starter for them. I told you we had the rank caller for this game by the way he is. He is back. He's back this year, right? And you know they got okay in conference USA I think actually went to a bowl game. He did by the way they did. They played Florida. Atlantic is drew sent. Here's a little factor, Frank for you, middle Tennessee, State quarterback Brits, Knoxville holds the f. b. s. record for most completions by freshman and guess who he passed..

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