Watson, Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan discussed on Sean Hannity


To them coming to clinic we've trained Watson to pull out the key data that we need in order to help match that patients to our clinical trial portfolio Mayo Clinic oncologist and breast cancer specialist Dr to fire had died so Watson again knows the list of trials knows what inclusion and exclusion criteria are necessary for a patient to be eligible and could potentially participate in a trial physicians can spend less time trying to match patients to clinical trials and instead spend more time talking to them about those options and what might work best for them for Mayo Clinic radio I'm jul St wind A&S Helen Keller was an undisciplined child until teacher Anne Sullivan came into our life their relationship was immortalized in the miracle worker and no one will ever forget how Sullivan taught Helen to communicate by spelling out words in her hand Keller became a world renowned author and lecturer and a global ambassador for the disabled we salute the extraordinary Helen Keller media San Francisco celebrates women's history month great news we found a pot at the end of the rainbow but it wasn't full of gold it was full of four thousand dollars in cash and we want to give it to you I think you have the luck of the Irish teacher to win the luck of the Irish giveaway today and you could win our pot full of cash this will be a Saint paddy's day holiday you'll never forget to add or stop by our side today and try your luck at winning the luck of the Irish giveaway search I mean I'm not sure okay and if we're lucky we get to see if not everything is by field you always have a buddy with doing anything for yourself never I followed my dad's advice to always prove myself and do what I can in the navy and make him proud make everyone proud try to do that with everything being a woman it's sometimes more challenging because we have to wear the same amount of gear that Amanda's and we have to do the same on a pull up said Amanda as for the physical training in the test the challenge but you can do it.

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