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To ninety calories per ounce, depending upon tequila Don, Julio Blanco is an actually pretty high-calorie tequila most Akila's around or over around sixty five seventy calories, but Don Julio Blanco for whatever reasons. Ninety calories shot. You know, I'll live with that. And if you put that with ginger beer, Jack now, the ginger beer, that's because you got eighty calories for a for a bottle of that stuff. Yeah. Yeah. I mean eighty calories. Eighty calories for a for a bottle of Q ginger beer. And so you're you you wind up with a drink that is one hundred seventy calories. And maybe if you have three or four those drinks, but you know, a whole bottle red wine you can drink an entire bottle of red wine. It'll come out to six hundred and fifty seven hundred calories, which is not exactly all at terrible. If you know you're spending the rest of the day watching your weight. And by that. I mean watching your calories. So here I am living on, you know, and if I order room service, what do you think they've got a room service going to have it won't they have salads and things like that. Yeah. They'll have salads. But you know. Okay. So they've got salads. But what do you need for protein, man? You know? In other words, you're your options are pretty limited. And I'm sitting here did I bring anything with me from home. No. Of course, not do that. Did I fixed myself anything? No. 'cause I figured as we were talking yesterday, I can blow it out a little bit. This is the whole idea of of blowing it out the whole idea of blowing it out is as follows when the body is being denied calories. The body begins to think that there's a famine of some kind of going on the you're not eating out of choice. But because there's no food. And so the body begins to retain calories. It starts to. Hold onto a lot of that caloric heat. And what you have to do is make the body think. No, no, everything's cool. There's plenty of food. And so you load in a meal, and when you do that then the body goes out of that starvation mode, and you are able to continue burning off the calories. Well, that's what I figure do tonight. What are you looking at on your look at you? So another words cheeseburgers cheeseburgers are in your future. I'm not saying cheeseburgers. But it's it's as good a time as any for me to I don't know for. It's as good a time as any for me to start loading in the the calories. Tonight's I don't know what the hell they're gonna have. But generally functions like this. They've got some kind of, you know, well, they have themed, you know, drunk history is the name of the show. So what do you think they're going? What would they have themed food like bar food? Yep. Probably bar food. That depends. You know, I mean. I can't remember the food that they I've been to other drunk history from parties, and I forget the food that they had, but yeah, like pizza. Well, that'll she's Chris diet food for you. Well, it'd be pizza and who knows this stomach garlic bread. I can't really remember what it was. But it ain't gonna be locale stuff. That's for sure. So that's what I'm that's what I have to do tomorrow..

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