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Enforcement agencies are involved with state authorities regarding the disappearance of firearms from the selma police department alabama attorney general steve marsh will announce that his office will be assisting in the investigation that also involves the fbi and the atf and evidence technician is accused of stealing guns from the evidence vault that technician has been fired from the job a burglary suspect in kolberg county was shot in the process of robbing the home by the homeowner police say the incident happened when the suspect broke into all home early tuesday morning the homeowner woke to find the suspect standing in his bedroom door way both the suspect in the homeowner had guns and began shooting at each other the suspect was shot in the chin shoulder ingest the homeowner was left untouched the suspects eighteen year old son and a woman were near the crime scene they've been taken into custody for questioning a man accused of killing an elmore county woman and then dumping her body in a well was in court for the first time on tuesday david howls is facing murder charges for the death of jane huddleston helms was in the elmore county detention facility on an unrelated charge when he discussed the murder with an inmate that inmate then went to the authorities who were able to locate the body of huddleston based on that information a judge has set the bomb for helms at over one hundred thousand dollars this newscast is brought to you by attorney alexandra should naro a man.

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