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All right we got another one here from Franks who says do Jamaican fighters. Let's get a fair deal in the boxing business. Yes they do. I really do win winning Take care of his. You know I think I think everybody gets a fair shake if they go in there and and handle the business you know because They don't don't treat me different. You know you know what to do in order to praise if I don't you know. Get the backlash. So it's all the thing man respect man let answer last one dominic in Seattle just curious. What's your top five favorite? Not The top five. Yeah your top favorite favorite five artists. You bump every day. Oh man vied scart show I like I like little baby. MEEK MILL's I like daisy man. I miss a lot man. It's too much I can't put them in five. You know it just it just is is is. What's your I like? I like music so no word is hot right now. You know Iraq with WHO's coming out of Jamaica you mean obscure only coffee. You know she just went to a grand you know. I read artists to win a grammy You know I like Send Sarah and since Cynthia I like MOVADO and all right. It May from Jamaica so Did you call back home. Did they feel you. Is it true that they felt the earthquake over there. 'cause Puerto Rico's getting hit with some earthquakes Seen on the news the Jamaica felty and I was type upset because because I've been to Jamaica already five times. It's like one of my most favorite vacation spots. I go every year and then and then it's like I'm supposed to book and and I'm hearing. They're getting hit with earthquakes on my whole up. Yeah Yup some call because I think my mom my dad and got whole bunch of family down here so you know everybody's good but they felt it though you know it was likable videos online with With the growl was moving. The water was moving. Everything was moving so everybody on everybody's okay. It was like a a seven point seven magnitude so it was made. It was really a big earthquake but but everybody is cool. Though you know thank God you know mandate. That's all my questions now. I want to thank you for coming on the show and the thin you'll nate the great great gallimore the only man to be Jason Rosario listening all your losses are to the top of the division man so definitely hold your head up how we can't wait for you to get back in the ring and show the world what you've got A. Please give out your social media if you haven't you know for anyone who isn't following you can do so. Thank you once again for coming on the show man. We really appreciate Shit. You appreciate the main You can find me on on Instagram as of Nathaniel underscore gala more than You can find me on twitter at the hungry boys with the and you can find me on facebook and on Nathaniel Gallimore and on I'll snapchat Not done and they T- T why. Da Do in you know so you're supposed to meet him and thank you appreciate your I thank you for calling in. We appreciate it breath river. Thank you so much man can't wait to get you back on brother soon as something's official. Let's stay a untouched. So that once you once you got it officially announce it and just so you know. Burn down pills dish me dying laughing going to press conference the whole world with crazy about that one all right. Thanks for calling in and thank you once again there. You have it ladies and and Gentlemen Top contender Nathan Gallon one hundred fifty four pound division. Just more proof. Man Dad Division is like is on fire. It's it's it's a it's a seesaw. You just don't know who's on top man. I mean I mean look he he he. He knocked out resign. He doesn't just hold the win. He knocked them out. You know and and he's been there with all the other top names in that division is well you know he's just for Ericsson Lubin obviously surly he even take Syria Dude. Who's the old champion now? He's right there and listen the tech Syria Fi. I'm sure we should've asked him. I'm sure he gave us a good story. Because there's only eight rounder for real exactly so I'm pretty sure he meant I was was coming on and and eight rounder. Something like Joe. Eight rounder breath. So you know you know both Boyko Brow. Golden boy got him got him listen. Golden boy probably send them off right off of the Julian Williams loss but but but tried to make sure Patrick get the win by giving them an eight rounder. I doubt that gallimore wanted to eight rounder not surprisingly ticket. WHOA got upset.

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Nathaniel Gallimore, Jamaica, Franks discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

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