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So just by the way, all it's all on the CDC website centers for disease control consult that there's a whole measles section there. And so you can read about what I was saying here about what what you're what can. Gory you're in and whether you should go get your immunity checked or take the vaccine. So we have a call. And also I want to circle back after we take the call because I think we should address veterans as sort of a special topic, if you don't mind. Yup. With that. Sure. Yeah. Okay. So this is Ben Benson Alabama ban. Go ahead. Oh, I always call him in because I've thought it was a big thing for me. I'll had an accident about four years ago. And I was a fool, you know, adult males. It was housing. And then and one not I became a pair of please and re mental Pol that can take on the person, you know, there's a lot of exterior things will marriage is all because I came a pair of placing and the process they go through a traumatic experience having to them a lot of times, they're not very vocal. And they don't know how to come out and say, I'm going to this struggle. But what I was hoping to do is maybe health and some topics way. And I don't know about my subdue that that's what I was telling the gentlemen before is that kinda wanna do my part. I express it people who have like a major injury or something traumatic happens to them. I think. Not not one hundred percent. Correct. What else hold this participate prepare play the exist? How like in the forties or fifties suicide, and I felt like that was too high. So I'll call this is not no. Though apologize. I think aside from a certain Jay has something for you. But once you get a website together and start pumping it on social media C, see who, you know, somebody something you guys will find each other. It's you know, bales. What's that buddy? He's asking me to put my information out. I don't mind I try to offer as many people who are something similar obvious. Kind of just let them know that it does get better. Building community around something like that could be extremely powerful. But Dr J taco head. I totally agree with you, Dr drew, you know, what we're seeing is. And thank you for sharing your story. Tune so sorry about the trauma you've been through that that kind of thing obviously happen to you and happens to so many people, and there is a shared bond when you can find community, even if it's not the exact same type of injury, but at trauma that is life changing like that. And and coming together is is truly empowering it's one of the mazing things about social media. And there's a lot of downside, but the ability to connect, and you know, when you see these these blogs and posts where people are actually rather than turning into haters. They are supporting each other and encouraging other congratulating each other for for taking that step for sharing. I mean, it's a really incredible thing. I I find that community American Foundation for suicide prevention for him. Well, definitely I mean, you can find your local chapter of Athas P, and they would welcome you in and find a way for you to contribute possibly to speak about your experiences. You know to volunteer at a community walk. If you go to FSP dot org. You can find.

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