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They get the lead off on the bottom half with ten thirty it speaks to everything that is wrong with this organization that when there is an over ship on dominic smith they're gonna over shift dominic smith a guy who you know was talked about was hyped up but not exactly you know aaron judge jd martinez go ahead ron his on first base you would dominate spent would be able to go down and drop down a buck couldn't do it is that staff to the game mickey callaway says he can't instead it's an unproductive out instead the mets don't score and you knew the mini dodge order was gonna come up that they were gonna score and just in turner who was the one that got away was gonna come back to burn a best once again he sure did the mets now thirteen games let's get that right let's get it straight thirteen under the five hundred mark and how can anybody honestly sit there and tell me that they will at the direction in his franchise and they say yeah we feel good about sandy alderson calling the shots everybody likes to mention the payroll and i get it you ever reasons to be critical of the wilpon operation okay well within your rights the met payroll should be good enough to be competitive i think about every move that was many offseason which one is working out vargas swore zack bruce adrian zealous and yeah we put pressure on that list too because he's miscast honesty every move that was made by sandy alderson is flat out blowing up in his face you will get a met off season and compare it to what philadelphia was able to philadelphia to names call us and tanna jake arrieta.

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