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They are coming out of the council now up towards turn six and then turn seven. They will turn right short straight. If anything is more curve food, the right through the left, they flick it from right to left. Back over to the right double apex, right Lenny's back over to the left is all action end to the circus and that he's gonna make for an exciting final lap. They come round the corner to start Munson and Horner who's it gonna be closing in full of ice lead through Thome. For the final time. This will be crucial volley Horner now four tenths of a second, the gap, that all my side by side as they make their way up towards turns two and three. This is where you've got to sit in a slipstream trying close in spoon curve only Horner is a little too far back to make her move. But you conveniently set yourself up for the infield close the and a couple of machine links every breaking zone, but that is only needs to do. Samuel Munson doesn't feel very secure in say the carousel for the final time, very long left-handed happened and this is going to be crucial. Raleigh Horner this way only hold is gone. You can build into the gap that he has got to some yeoman's do easing tripping up over and make mistakes. He's a really good tactic. And if you can just get closer now through here. And that the move ride in very, very well at the moment he's Daulat with through the penalty corner. I think some you Munson has gone were on the run down to the final corner of announcing the line Samuel Munson tixx rice, three in the AC forty rookie to head of all Hoda Ruben prior consistent. Third, fourth place should be Archie Gibbs, but there's a huge over fifth at the moment is Charlie hunting for the head of all these same to the line Archie Gibbs. These falls and four fifth place. Charlie hunting for just gets ahead of all these same and where it's a Blake. Wilson comes home in ninth place should be McCartney after the crash ten place. We are expecting William Harris, ovaries, Ron Wyden run to the line William Harris for San. Yes. Just hold off max where it see an Elliott Jones in twelve Jacob Stevenson will be thirteen Warwick Brady and Marco halt fourteenth and fifteenth. So what race in hand today and forty rookies race three was is. Thrilla. So your highlights full. The foresee rookie some uments and took the victory ahead of only Horner wasn't that's over the starts. They were getting ready. The green flag drops only horn guess initially, very good starts, but eventually got works passed by some. You'll Munson into turn number one making their way through latest of the vase. This when Henry mckearney had his small crash, they get back on, they continue, which is good on the wind went to Samuel Munson only Horner is in second place then and then it was very close all action packs for even bringing. Third, there was a good run to the line for the full faith and six Charlie hunting for taking fifth ahead of all these same, aren't you get in fourth Perfetti in seventh? Blake Wilson, Henry Makoni coming home in ninth and William. How is in ten and that's is the end of the AC full t rookies action full this weekend. Ask Lenny goals. They will be back like everyone else at will. To Mel in three weekends time. You're listening. Thank you very much tuning in to live coverage of around six, two thousand eighteen cool bracing, British many bike championship. Now the fish upon the series to the BS. This is cool fab racing..

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