Dean Brett Cavanaugh, Louisiana, Mississippi discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


To be prudent Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards already. Declaring an emergency ahead of a tropical storm in the Gulf Coast forecast to grow into a hurricane before it hits hurricane warnings from the mouth of the Pearl. River in Louisiana through Mississippi, Alabama and parts of the Florida, panhandle. So here's the forecast radar. We think making landfall somewhere along the Mississippi coastline in the next couple of hours overnight tonight, and then it will quickly dissipate as it continues to move northwards FOX meteorologist, Janice. Dean Brett Cavanaugh has a job interview. Starting today the supreme court nominees confirmation hearing Republicans will point to his twelve year career as an appellate judge. But Democrats are going to grill him on a number of hot button issues abortion and the future of Roe v. Wade gun rights in the second amendment and executive power. Democrats worry Kevin will protect President Trump from the Russia probe. That's FOX's Griff Jenkins. The advocates say five G.

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