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First ones up and good for the junior guard sixfoot one britain matsunaka going a little bit of time towards the end of last year said glimpses album mix both free throws mubarak ross afc or final minute a play first half thirty seven twenty nine are score south trailing by eight in the corner mobile with it looking delo perperty and nothing there hold back it out to the wing wants past the top of the key for old keith eighteen to shoot the budget was in the past the king carlsson carson download it betting tibetans orbiting its anderson turns around no good but a flower we call on shane anderson i'm gonna say he got him on the arm a little bit of a weight late whistle but still a whistle still a foul signals and charles anson the line for two cheney anderson picks up the personal sits second bedington to the free throw line where he has not attempted a free throw tonight is not a point tonight either first retail was up inc good though now is on the scoresheet and six four seniors center defense of an offensive lineman for the football team multisport athletes on these forego ice schools makes both free throws harrison done with volume bonded they have a crashing innocent backed up don't thirty seconds left to play can't quite halted the final shot every two seconds left on the game clock if they did that mean download anderson in atlanta couple of dribbles fix into the corner alpher klebo who would drive and after a pump fake back out thumper three left that one short after front iron matsunaga clears the rebound out sixty seconds final shot now for davies playbook giants kicks that dome in the corner threepoint are up ben good good offense there late by the eagles and ultimately point basket for harrison dome now worldwide across africa uptake gets the shot off no good rebound matsunaka that's how the first half is going in nice 3point shot at the end of that one four davies they get three more points to add on to the lead in the halftime score vargo davies with the ninepoint leave forty two thirty one on the voller insurance scoreboard with a.

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