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And it's it's funny because i think there were some of us that were so optimistic in probably idealistic in we're signing all these players that we really believed in and we felt like if we put them together could work in i there's nobody more idealistic that may i i don't think i thought it was going to be sixty where ends or anything like that and in on the next summer it may be a couple of signings that doesn't get the excite the league excited but you gotta topple cephalopoda a camp base more and then you you go in that year you went sixty games with anna perreault antics from the summer before and all those guys shelving mac and mike scott and there was just so many good things that happened you know while danny and west and myself we're all working together and really led to that sixty one group that was pretty special well and you know it's a time in an run that you know i'll certainly always remember and be grateful to be a part of it but i think so much credit goes to everybody that was involved in that and you know to kind of go through the season some of us usa jug we know we we didn't have a boss or we was like we were at recess for for all season you know the team was up for sale and you know i guess i've technically was in charge you know so you know everything just kind of fell into place it was a great year and you know but so much credit danny and and really everybody that helped put put that group together we mentioned danny ferry and he's working as a consultant in new orleans works along with dell dem's and gives him input in i think with their guys there listen he certainly paid a price for what happened there there's no question about it are you surprised he's not a gm again do you imagine that like when you really look at what you guys in atlanta it was remarkable and he's come close he's interviewed for jobs villi brooklyn didn't get them maybe another one or two would you thought he might have gotten another opportunity by now who will i mean he certainly has the skill said he has the vision he has the leadership skills he has the communication skills he has everything it takes to be gm so you know i think you know how our league works and why things happening don't happen are kind of be on me i probably try and figure out hopefully how i can survive and keep moving forward but there's no doubt i think danny's proved that you know he's he's a heck of a gm with great skills in great passion and you know high character and all those things so you know i think he has a great track record that he could stand on certainly should give them opportunities.

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