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Because they are interested in the destruction. Of Donald Trump and the destruction of, all those who politically, disagree with them or with. Them right they're not interested in, a factual conversation. They're not interested in going doing well. Here's what he said and here's why didn't work here's what he. Could have said here's the problem here's how you come. Back from it now. They want to destroy since. They don't have the collusion narrative they now. Want to say that, he's controlled by Russia he's owned by Russia he's a. Man and candidate all these kinds of things The president did what the. President does he answered the question without. Thinking about what the answer should be? And. He, screwed the. Pooch end of list you don't side with Russia over American intelligence Yvonne you. Have an issue with American intelligence he. Ain't heavy he's my brother and I believe that's. The way you gotta handle, it I don't mind that he smacks around American intelligence I don't listen to John Brennan I don't listen to James Clapper these are liars known liars historical liars disgusting awful people I'm talking about how you handle Russia because remember Russia's not, our. Friend Russia's never our friend it's the. Same as Kristallnacht we're all out of, our skulls but this, is the way a lot. Of media wanna want to phrase, it this way. A lot of media wanna push it. They're wrong they're not able to have their not wanting to have. A real conversation because what they want to destroy President. Trump and anyone who. Disagrees with them that's why they can't be taken seriously We'll have more on this in. The next hour traffic. And Matt Barron the. Wwl traffic. Center what's happening Tony on the northwest. Side northbound four sixty five jammed up before eighty sixth street on, eight sixty five Rams eastbound eight sixty five..

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