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Coming up. We'll talk to Eddie and see if he has Cove in 19. See if he has the Corona virus. Do you know? No. Do what I know. You know, I didn't know He got his results now. Um, I know I was going to say that, okay? I had already told him last week not to come in today. Regardless, that sort of basing it off of I looked around and like, wait. Well what? Okay, so we'll talk to Eddie coming up in a few minutes to see. Finally, if he has there been a walk in the door and be like I'm free. That's what's gonna happen. He's out. We're gonna walk in the room, okay? Or because we're gonna have him on the phone anyway. Like George Strait. We had George Wright on the phone. Yes. Okay, so he's gonna be on the phone, but he's not gonna walk in the room or he's not okay. By the way, Let's go to this. Call a Bobby in show. I'm a big fan of podcast every day. Hey, I just, uh, listening that you're going Tio Boise, Bobby for this show eventually. I just wanted to help you out because I care. There's no e in the word Boise, Boise, Boise dropped Izzy and you'll sound like a local. We're happy to have you walk right now. Would you get here? Nice. I didn't know that Boise Boise. We obviously go, Roy, but his voice e. Not a local. We're sorry. Listening in Boise. We're very sorry. Now we know you always give us that feedback, though We're open to being better people 877 77 Bobby, Here's an excellent body. Good morning studio. Hey, I got a question for you Watch to tell the truth all the time, and I've been waiting for your episode. And I wonder if you happen to know when your episode is going to air. I'm excited about watching that. Maybe this week, maybe next week. You know, I went over almost a year ago, and I was one of the celebrity Panelists on to tell the truth. That's how you know how hurting they were for celebrities. They're scraping. And so I went and did an episode. And I think it is this week or next week, But the weird thing was after that episode that you see, I went and met Caitlyn for the first time when our first date right after the deficit. So, um, yeah, I tamed it November 24th. And then right after that, I went and I had our first date which she didn't know what the date she claims, right? Good thing. They got desperate for you because that allowed you to go take her out. You probably would have anyways. But who knows when? Yeah. Anthony Anderson was really nice guy. He was the host of.

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