Okon, Long Island, Stimson P Morgan discussed on Meet The Press


And we'll actually starts consisting. We're, we're so he built a a road called the northern state Parkway in nineteen twenty nine thirty. And I found the original maps of his. Parkway. Sort of a straight line through the northern parts of Long Island the most beautiful parts island, but the northern state Parkway, does not the fact run that way in two different places. It suddenly loops go south for about three miles, and then comes back up to the original route, I wish trying to find out why the Parkway dipped like that. And I found that for the second. Just do that one. There was a robber baron very wealthy man. They got Okon and the original route would have run through his private golf course in Huntington. So he wasn't. It wasn't a for himself. Moses, he personally didn't care about money, but they'd legislature stop the pork because they wouldn't give money for surveys auto, Oaklawn said, I'll give you ten thousand dollars for surveys, if the surveys fan of route south of my estate, but because it runs south of his estate when you look at the map it runs through the twenty three the biggest states they will have the name, you know, Stimson P Morgan,.

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