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They did have a turf heating system at Lambeau Field. The problem is It malfunctioned. It's kind of funny If you read a history this game, a lot of Cowboys players thought malfunction. Wait a minute. Vince Lombardi was up to some tricks here, but he wasn't it malfunctioned And what happened was When they pulled the cover the field off it left moisture on the field in the field began to freeze gradually in extreme cold, So these guys literally were playing on a sheet of ice. I mean, You see highlights of this game and these guys, it looks like somebody trying to ice skate for the first time. That's what some of these guys look like trying to run on this field as far as the band goes, because there's other parts to a game other than just the football players. Was a marching band in college marching band scheduled to perform the pregame and halftime shows. They couldn't do it. Why? Because the woodwind instruments froze and would not play the mouthpieces of brass instruments got stuck to the players lips. Seven members of the band were transported the local hospitals for hypothermia. You had Packer's players trying to get to the game, but their cars their batteries were dead. Cars were frozen, had to hitchhike, just catch rides to the game. The officials couldn't use the whistles. The referee Norm Schachter blew his metal whistle to signal the start of play. It froze to his lips. When he took the whistle out. It ripped his lips and it was so cold that the blood just froze. It didn't even scab up. CBS commentator Frank Gifford remarks. I'm going to take a bite of my coffee because his coffee and frozen in the mud once again that weather going down on this day in 1967 number two clips the number three Ohio State they're going at it Friday at eight o'clock in the Sugar Bowl. Clemson's gonna be without their offensive coordinator. That is a big deal because this guy is really, really good. I mean, really, really good. Talking about Tony Elliott. He won the 2017 Broyles Award for the top assistant coach in college football, one of the finest offensive minds in the game. So who's going to call the office a place for the Tigers? Nobody knows right now could be the quarterback coach, probably passing game coordinator Brandon Streeter. Once again Tigers Buckeyes kicking off Friday at eight o'clock, and I got reminded. I was talking about some actor birthdays today. I said Anthony Hopkins celebrating his 83rd. I said Hannibal Lecter, one of the scariest characters all time in the movies, and I said, the only other character like real Life character, and I'm not talking about Freddy Krueger or that alien thing from the thing I'm talking about human beings, said the only character that I think is this scary. Hannibal Lecter would be Anton Sugar from no country for old men, Javier Bardem. And then I got remarried. Reminded about Robert DeNiro cape Fear, Max Cady. All tatted up. Terrifying and then I forgot about another one, too. Kathy Bates from misery. Kathy Bates looks like your grandma. But in this movie She was nurse serial killer Annie Wilkes. Crazed fan who wants to shape the world in her favorite book series into the image. She so desires terrifying.

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