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Saving light bulbs would you and reinstate those requirements at all you can get electricity from a light pole thank you license one tenth of the power that old incandescent light bulb use of course you can do that we have to take the cake combustion engine vehicles off the road as rapidly as we can educating everyone on the need to curb population growth seems a reasonable campaign to enact would you be courageous enough to discuss this issue and make it a key feature of a plan to address climate catastrophe. the answer is yes I think especially in poor countries around the world where women do not necessarily want to have large numbers of babies and where they can have the opportunity through birth control to control the number of kids they have something I'm very very strongly our support let's talk about offshore drilling for oil would you panic yes. absolutely yes we will transition off of fossil fuels natural gas coal oil what about the export of fossil fuels in the United States Japan absolutely we must get to that point there's no question I'm in favor of banning fracking I'm in favor of a carbon free America in my administration work of building new nuclear power plants we we we we we we set out the rules for what kind of plan and coal burning plants now is going to build other coal burning we're gonna shut the ones down we have we gonna end factory farming because that is not only that is a danger to the environment and climate change. who in the world that was those are some of the highlights from the band all the things town hall. last night. that we've got the greatest hits from all my gosh welcome to the show. there's okay first off amid citations on the way I'm gonna lash at the less on Twitter official analyze on Facebook while a lot can I can you know what okay this is what I'm really. start over. do you remember when we were I don't know this is maybe fifteen or twenty years ago I was just go back to when. George W. bush is running and you remember the primary all the primary candidates for the Democrat side and ended up alternately being John Kerry but they're only like a couple of super far lefties and they're right and everyone even Democrats acknowledged silently. they get these are not jobs. there are no jobs that's right and we got a lot of on stage and they were just sort of kind of brushed off during the debate do you remember those I do. now it's all they all are. now that every single person on this stage it's like they took over the insane asylum so what used to be a couple of French candidates for Pulitzer. because I really don't we look at the Democrat primary here. I an amazed at how super ridiculous they are. so even back when you had all gore you have who you had up bill Bradley who ended up running you're a bunch and and and I'm looking at the the primary candidates that they had yet Tom Harkin Joe Lieberman. yeah Diane Feinstein she was all they were all right they were all out. centering putting their had an. and I mean there are they are they super left either left I think they've got even more left but. they that it's like the now the whole damn party is is there so you had your Dick Gephardt this is back in two thousand you had the gore yet Bradley Jesse Jackson Dick Gephardt John Kerry Bob Kerrey Paul Wellstone. okay so they're not super nerdy socialist like band babies right. not everybody does not have straws and stuff right what the hell happened what happened to this party all my gosh. for real quick just want to see just mercy see your John Edward you member John Edwards John Edwards was going to be the big help for the Democrat party until he got caught blinking at lady who was right hunter who was on the campaign trail with him they had a love child his was on her deathbed and he was fleecing that bunny lady her literally was a bunny Mellon that old that elves rich socialite her name was bunny Mellon. which almost sounds like a type of a little Debbie snack cake but it's not. anyway you and Wesley Clark Howard Dean and Wesley Clark Howard Dean was the notice of them. but even then he didn't sound totaling us into a screened. and that's you know wasn't only had a small number of people who were in this primary now Katie bar the door holy cow they're all not every damn one of them they are crazy you just heard okay your them talk about I mean for crying out loud they do work. judge compared to change on your somebody to talk to. we've been having the same conversation for years I think in order for that to happen we have to actually unify the country around this project and that means bringing people the table who haven't felt that they've been part of the process I mean this is the hardest thing we will have done certainly in my lifetime as a country this is on par with winning World War two perhaps even more challenging than that. because you see whether it's just like **** it's very selective in that it's only targeting people who are Jewish just like the **** did that is what the weather's doing right now effect that hurricane it only went for Jewish people is like literally made it so smaller and went around the gentiles. you guys and he's supposed to be considered the smart one he's smart one in the primary oh my gosh what but wait wait there's more there's so much more than you have because as you know people that judge is the bouncer of Christianity but don't you dare call out his sin don't you dare. and he says that not acting on climate change that it's sinful to not act on man made global warming listen hello if you believe that god is watching as poison is being built into the error of creation and people are being harmed by it countries are at risk of vanishing in low lying areas we are suppose god thing so that nobody thinks it's messed up you don't have to be religious to see the moral dimensions of this because frankly every religious and non religious moral tradition tells us that we have some responsibility of stewardship some responsibility for taking care of what's around us not to mention but not on board babies not them screw those people screw the unborn. them to hell they're not they don't count. pretty much what it twenty seven right very selective I mean the weather but. god lead. this is the craziest thing I mean it just went on and on Kamal Heris. was asked what would you do to reduce your search to help with climate change she wants to control how you. the balance that we have to strike here frankly is about what government can and should do around creating incentives and then banning certain behaviors I mean just to be very honest with you I love cheese burgers from time to time right I mean I. and I think that but there is but there has to be also what we do in terms of creating incentives that we will either in a healthy way that we will encourage moderation and that we will be educated about the effects of our eating habits on our environment. okay you're not the boss of me. I would think that we need to keep beating them so they don't take over the world then that's how I would look at it these people want to control everything down to the damn light bulb you put your house and what you put on your dinner plate. hi I am zero but I've just for crying out loud okay so a couple of other we're gonna come back to this I have other things to head on the. a lot of other things to head on so well actually before I do you also Joe's I about although I will write your everybody size I okay because he as he was taught what he was what question was the answering specifically he was answering a question and then all I guess a blood vessel popped in his eye and it became like a zombie nation Joe Biden zombie well he was on stage which is you know I'm not making fun of because it's a sucky thing to have happen but you know he he had a bloody eye and and nobody noticed it I'm just gonna save profitability I. just what do you think that would be how would that be covered. I think they'll be covered I can't even imagine to be like god smiting him down all my gosh they pay they would be they would people would be accusing him of not being fit physically for the office yes some. but yeah it is it didn't look good and hopefully he's you know he's okay but but we're gonna we're gonna have more on this as well coming up because we got more of their answers everything from banning straws to using public schools to brain wash your kids and people that judge says if you eat hamburgers in U. straws in your it's all on you you're responsible for everything I dare you. in the meantime Texas governor Greg Abbott just issued eight executive orders in response to the this was it for the from the Odessa and Midland rampage he issued eight executive orders and I have them here before me. he says that the first order is within thirty days of the issuance of this order the Texas department of public safety is going to develop a standardized in standardized and take questions that will be used by all Texas law enforcement agencies to identify whether somebody calling the agency has info that needs to be immediately reported to Texas is suspicious activity reporting network. the second one. is that the they're going to develop guidance an approach based on the appropriate legal standard for how and when Texas law enforcement will submit suspicious activity reports they're also going to make available education for all law enforcement officers regarding said standards they're gonna have department of public safety is the number for create and conduct an initiative to raise public awareness and understanding of how suspicious activity reports are used by law enforcement. and how people can I hope that were in were also and urging people to take advantage of the options that we have available also they have the department of public safety is working fine Forsman school districts that sat front to create threat assessment teams they have the GPS as well as the office of the governor they're going to have increased their staff it'll the fusion centers in Texas for the purpose of better collect in responding to said suspicious activity reports and on the eighth one beginning of after the first of the year all future grant awards from the office of the governor to counties will require commit the county will report at least ninety percent convictions within seven days of the criminal justice information system I DPS no actually I like that one that's a good one. a good one because that's making sure. that. it's making sure that this is is actually this is that you have all of these records of these. these prohibited possessors that are gonna be submitted to this I I have it on five and eight. they're they're educating people on suspicious activity reports they're increasing staffing fusion centers they're going to better monitor and analyze social media and other online forms for potential threats I'm wondering about the oversight on this. I want to know what the oversight is on this. so we're gonna talk about that as well coming up in addition we have more of the climate change debate will we laugh at it but I just you I hope you realize they're actually going to do this stuff if they get into office. you guys realize this right or if you if they take over the Senate. we are also going to talk about better or work is selling massacre tee shirts. his fundraising off of them we've got that Ellen Omar media suspiciously silent about the fact that a sitting congresswoman is being accused of illegally using campaign funds to hide her affair we'll discuss that also sharpie gate the hurricane Dorian chart is not going away. we have that and a ton of other things to touch on that you don't wanna miss because it's gonna be a..

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